• For Sale
  • 2006
  • N853DY
  • 06/03
  • Montgomery, AL USA

69900 $69,900 USD

Delta Golf Aviation

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  • For Sale
  • 2006
  • N853DY
  • 06/03
  • Montgomery, AL USA

Delta Golf Aviation

Donny Gabriel

General Specs (cont.)


830 SNEW

830 SNEW

667 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

This Dova Skylark carries an S-LSA Type Certificate! It is absolutely a phenomenal two-seat aircraft. It's clean, comfortable, quick, and efficient. This airplane outperforms every LSA in its class. Furthermore, it outperforms 172's, Cherokee's, and many other non-LSA aircraft, and it does so in every category. The Dova even has winglets for increased performance and stability! It will maneuver like an F16 if you'd like it to, but without chugging barrels of fuel. At 120knots cruise, fuel consumption is a meager 4gph! Want to increase efficiency even more, take advantage of the negative flap setting. While the Dova may appear small in stature, it will literally carry two NFL Linebackers, their bags, and a full tank of gas. Not only will it carry their weight, it supports their size too. The Skylark has a wider and longer cockpit than the anemic 172 and Cherokee, and comfortably embraces anyone under the size of a mature Sasquatch. Aesthetically, this aircraft is stunning both inside and out - everything looks new. The updated panel adds multiple layers of safety to the composite/aluminum DV-1 Skylark. The AV-30 PFD/AHRS/ADC provides an abundance of digital data, has a 2-hr standby battery, and eliminates vacuum failure concerns. The iFly 740B WAAS GPS receiver overlays ADS-B In weather such as NEXRAD, TAF's, METAR's, Winds Aloft, and PIREPS, all without charging you a recurring subscription. Additionally, it provides you with ADS-B In Traffic, Synthetic Vision, AHRS Data, FAA Charts, and a whole lot more. Don't want to take my word for it, check out the internet - plenty of great info to validate this amazing aircraft. March 2022 annual!

Avionics / Equipment

uAvionix AV-30E Primary Flight Display
uAvionix ADS-B In/Out Transceiver
Garmin GTX 320A Transponder
iCom IC-A200 Radio Transceiver
Flightcom 403MC Audio Panel


Useful Load: 667lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 24gal
Full Fuel Payload: 523lbs.
Baggage Compartment: 45lbs.
Complete Logs (Digital Copies Available)
Always Hangared

Engines / Mods / Prop

Rotax 912ULS: 100hp, 1500hr TBO

Kaspar KA-1/3P-PA: 3-Bladed Composite, Ground Adjustable, 2400hr TBO

Interior / Exterior

Exterior: 9/10, Painted in 2011, DuPont Matterhorn White and High Gloss Black, Excellent Condition. Acid Etched and Corrosion Protected with Alodine Coating. Decals Look New!

Interior: 9/10, Tan Seats with Black Carpeting, Excellent Condition.

Canopy: 9/10, No crazing, Cracks, or Loss of Material.


March Annual Inspection
Vernier Throttle
Canopy Shade
Electric Trim w/Indicator
Avionics Cooling Fan
Matco Wheels and Brakes
Fuel Pressure Gauge with Low Pressure Warning Light
Cabin Vents with Flow Control
4-point Seat Restraints
Dual Toe Brakes