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  • 2018 EXPRESS EXPRESS 2000 RG

    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 2018
    • Not Listed
    • Not Listed
    • Toledo, WA USA


    Call for Price

    Composite Aircraft Technology LLC
    • (360) 864-6271
    • (360) 269-4907
    • 148 Skyhawk Dr

      Toledo, WA 98591 USA

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    Call for Price

    General Specs (cont.)





    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    2000RG WITH F5 WING
    Today’s Express Series 2000 is the modern-day version of the original Express CT and Series 90 models. Years of constant refinement have resulted in an airplane that has no equal for performance, style, utility and versatility in a 4 place single. A spacious cabin, wide CG range and large useful load allow for comfortable travel for all your passengers and baggage. When combined with the speed and range of a cabin class twin, your travel and adventure options are endless! Easy to build and easy to fly… the Series 2000 is your answer for high-performance flight!
    We are dedicated to manufacturing the Express Aircraft which is a high performance, four place, experimental aircraft. We can assist you in building any composite aircraft of your choice.
    We service, stock and manufacture all components for the Express S90 and 2000 series. 
    In conjunction with manufacturing, we will assist builders in building their own aircraft. 
    The fastest way from initial layup to final rollout!
    No Tools to buy!   •  No Supplies to stock!   •  No Jigs to build!
    On Hand technical help! 
    Precision tooling means accurate assembly! 
    Build your entire Express airframe in only 6 to 8 weeks!
    Information Packet & DVD Video $25 U.S. / $35 Int'l
    Our Services 
    Complete Express Aircraft Kits 2000 RG with new F/5 wing and 140 gallons of fuel.
    Complete Express Aircraft Kits 2000 FT with new F/5 wing and 140 gallons of fuel.
    Complete Express Aircraft Kit with standard wing and 92 gallons of fuel.
    Builder's Assist program where we help and guide you through the first 51% of building of your aircraft, here in our shop, with our tools and jigs.
    Express Aircraft repairs, pre-purchase inspections, and annuals by certified mechanics.
    Transport of disassembled Express Kits with our special trailer.


    CRUISE SPEED (350 HP/18,000 ')	
    215 kts
    55 kts
    EMPTY WEIGHT (Typical)	
    2,125 lbs
    3,800 lbs
    USEFUL LOAD (Typical)	
    1,675 lbs
    FUEL CAPACITY (Standard)	140 gal
     PAYLOAD (W/Full Fuel)	860 lbs
    RANGE	1,300nm**
    * All performance data is preliminary and subject to verification and revision.
    ** Range estimates calculated using Lycoming TSIO-540 at 18 gph fuel burn.