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  • For Sale
  • 1997
  • N196G
  • 3196
  • Newhall, CA USA

  • Glasair Mell

General Specs (cont.)



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Detailed Description

GRAND CHAMPION OSH Glasair III. Beautiful, Always 
Hangared. Fully Aerobatic. All Mods. 

Visit: http://tradezone.com/glasair

Avionics / Equipment

Aerobatic Engine Mounts
Sacramento Sky Ranch Hoses
Extended Tips With Fuel Bays
Electrically Operated Slotted Flaps
Rear Windows
Updated Landing Gear System
Independent Emergency Gear System
Parking Brake
Hydraulic Pressure Shuttle Valve
Hydraulic Filters
Metallic Brakes
Temper Foam Seats
"Finesse" Leatherette Upholstery
English Wool Carpet
Dupont Chroma Base Coat Clear Coat System Acrylic Urethane
Bendix King Radio Stack
Vision Microsystems VM-1000 Engine Management System
S-Tech System 50 Autopilot
Arnav Star 5000 GPS
Skyforce Moving Map
Bose ANR Headsets
Dual EDS Oxygen System
PS2000 Stereo Intercom
Digital Voice Recorder
Split Wing Tanks and Redesigned Fuel Selector
Two Outboard Fuel Bays One In Each Side
Enlarged 8 Gal Header Tank With Flop Tube
Rerouted and Improved Fuel Venting System
Battery Mounted On Firewall
Improved Oil Cooler Air Inlet/Outlet System
Reduction In Size Of Engine Cooling Air Inlet
Reduced Size NACA Engine Air Inlet
Christen Inverted Oil System
Engine Fire Suppression System
Cooling Shrouded Gasculator
Overboard Outlet For Heater
Flush Fuel Tank Drains
Low Drag Cut Off Headers
Eliminated Cowl Flaps
Contoured Wings
Profiled Hard Epoxy Wing Leading Edges
Emergency Bus Electrical System
Electrical Bonding Of All Components
After Market Antenna System
Electrically Driven Alternate Air Door
Start Motor In Operation Warning Light
Cam Operated Gear Warning Buzzer
Two Speed Electric Trim
Modified Seat Belts
Idler Arm Support for Elevator Push Rod
Right Seat Pilot Instrument Display
Scratch Built Wing Root Fairings
Improved Cabin Air Exhaust System
Carbon Fiber Wheel Spatz

Engines / Mods / Prop

I0-540 K1H5 300HP Lycoming Engine
Mc Cauley Blackhawk Propeller


For More Information Visit: https://tradezone.com/glasair/aboutn196g.html

Woodward Governor
Empty Weight 1782 Lb.
Maximum Gross Weight 2650 (2750 With Wing Tip Extensions.)
Wing Span 23.3 ft. (27.3 ft. With Wing Tip Extensions.)
Fuel Capacity 68 Gallons (79 Gals With Wing Tip Extensions)
Cruise At 9500 ft. 2450 RPM 225-230 Knots.
Climb Rate 3500 FPM
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