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    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 1997
    • N115DK
    • 3270
    • AZ USA


    230000 $230,000

    AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales - Kevin Cocozzoli
    • (850) 683-0477
    • Kevin Cocozzoli

      Destin, FL USA

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    230000 $230,000

    General Specs (cont.)


    550 SMOH



    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    ARIZONA. 1997 Glasair III RG, 550 TT, Loaded!! Oshkosh 2000 Lindy Award Winner! Dace Kirk's Personal Plane! Call for pricing.

    Avionics / Equipment

    GO P Technologies/AeroSonic Intregated EFIS & MFD System 
    Dual Becker Nav radios
    Dual Becker Comm radios
    Triple GPS units #1. Freeflight #2. OP Tech #3 Lowrance 500 tied to Dynon display
    Garmin 330 Transponder with Traffic Alert
    PS Engineering 8000 Audio Panel
    PS Engineering CD Player
    Tru-Trak Sorcerer AutoPilot with HD servo's
    Dynon 10A Attitude Horizon with Battery backup option
    Mechanical Fuel & Oil Pressure gauges
    All circuits protected with MS breakers 
    Annunicator panel 
    Bose Headsets hard wired to system
    Mountain High O2 system with dual quick disconnects and face cannula 12 hour endurance for 2 people
    Software Features in System: 
    Highway in the Sky
    Traffic alert using Garmin 330
    Synthetic Vision/Terrain
    Smart Card Downloads for both Updates to Software and Jeppenson charts
    Full Engine Management system by JPI presented on either screen
    Dynon 10A loaded with GPS #3 presentation and HIS features
    Woodward Governor
    Custom Modifications:
    Custom Paint work on entire aircraft by Morgan Aircraft Service of Arlington, WA
    Custom Paint work on Prop
    3-axis electric trim 
    Custom Hydraulic system by Phoenix Composites, Inc. which includes: 
    Primary Hydraulic system with 2 pumps
    Fully separated standby hydraulic system in case primary is ruptured
    Heavy duty side braces by Stoddard Hamilton, Inc.
    NEW! Heavy Duty Oleo Strut barrels by Phoenix Composites, Inc. which are 2 X stronger than stock
    Latest Hydraulic Pump wiring using Pressure switches for UP and Down
    Latest Gear Indicator wiring
    Landing Gear Mirror
    Manual Up Lock puller for Nose gear
    Reshaped Upper Cowling Air Inlets
    Resized NACA inlets per research of Phoenix Composites, Inc.
    NACA Inlet (Right side for cooling air direct to Oil Cooler)
    NACA Inlet (Left side for fresh air direct to engine)
    Quick Remove Cowling developed by Phoenix Composites, Inc.
    Contoured Air Inlet Ramps for Engine Plenum
    Rerouted and Improved Fuel Venting System
    Cooling Shroud on fuel pump
    Low Drag Cut-Off exhaust collector system
    Hard Mounted Oil Cooler to Firewall not on the cowling
    Improved Cabin Air Exhaust System
    Custom Contoured Wing Profile
    NACA Template Wing Leading Edges
    Reinforced Landing Gear Doors good to 150kts 
    Electrical Bonding of all metal componets to static system discharge at rudder
    Custom made Rudder Extension and Ventral Fin by Phoenix Composites, Inc.
    Relocation of Seat Backs to accommodate Parachutes by National
    Eliminated Cowl flaps
    Battery located in engine compartment for better performance during starting
    Overboard outlet for Heater bypass
    Flush fuel drains
    Cable Activated Alternate Air assembly
    Custom design Defog System by Phoenix Composites, Inc.
    Leading Edge Position Lamps on wing
    Custom Center console design (Quick remove) by Phoenix Composites, Inc.
    Emergency Bus Electrical system
    All internal antenna's  
    Cam Operated Gear Warning Horn
    Idler Arm support for Elevator control push rod
    Carbon Fiber Rudder Assembly with Static Discharge wicks
    Static Wicks for discharge of control system
    Electronic Ignition for engine by Jeff Rose 
    Slick mag #2
    Ceramic coatings on exhaust system
    Exhaust shields by Phoenix Composites, Inc.
    Dual Fuel probes for redundancy and the ability to see fuel load shift in flight
    Slotted Flaps
    Modified Ailerons into Wing Tip Extensions
    Wing Tip Extensions built on permanent with spar extensions
    Latest Updated Landing Gear Components by Phoenix Composites, Inc.
    Matco Heavy Duty 51 LT brake and wheel assemblies
    Aerobatic Engine Mounts
    Rear Windows
    Repositioned Seat back for more room 
    Larger Cargo area for more room
    Full Leather Upholstery with National Parachutes
    Mountain High Oxygen system built in permanent
    High capacity wing tank (80gal useable)
    Larger Rudder and Ventral Fin
    Metallic Brake Pads
    Stainless/Teflon molded fire sleeve hoses
    Temper Foam Seats


    550 Hours Total Time Airframe

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Engine Hours  Total Time since Demars Blue print major overhaul 550
    Custom Modifications:
    Custom Paint work on entire aircraft by Morgan Aircraft Service of Arlington, WA
    Custom Paint work on Prop


    Oshkosh 2000 Lindy Award Winner! Dace Kirk?s Personal Plane
    Airplanes USA is extremely honored to offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the finest Glasair III experimental aircraft in the world. This spectacular machine was built by none other than Dace Kirk, founder of Phoenix Composites (now Performance One Aviation). Phoenix Composites/Performance One Aviation is the premier composite repair, modification and kit-built assist center in the United States.
    Dace's highly modified, supremely crafted Glasair III is legendary within the experimental aircraft universe as being among the finest examples of detail, planning, engineering and craftsmanship. This aircraft was awarded the "Lindy Award" for best composite aircraft at Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 2000. The list of additions, modifications, options, accessories, avionics, etc. is mind boggling.
     With a Demars Special Edition IO540-P1A5 350 hp Lycoming engine this rocket ship cruises at 265 mph. Custom designed and executed paint and interior and all glass panel displays will have you cruising at turbo-prop speeds while burning Comanche level fuel. Look at the accompanying photos for just a glimmer at the supreme craftsmanship and attention to detail in the construction of this dream machine. This aircraft truly needs to be seen in person to believe.
    This aircraft is not a $150,000 vanilla Glasair III...this is a seriously and expertly modified and crafted one-of-a-kind vehicle. This aircraft is for the pilot who wants the best available aircraft either experimental or certificated. You would have to spend over a million dollars to find an equivalent certificated aircraft and it would probably have a turbine engine.
    Based near Phoenix, Arizona, the aircraft is available now and Dace Kirk himself will provide checkout and training for the lucky purchaser of this plane. Overseas buyers note: Dace Kirk is available to assist in disassembly and reassembly at your aerodrome along with flight training.
    Dual Instruction as well as export and worldwide delivery available. 
    All trades considered. Owner is specifically looking for a Cirrus or a Commander to trade. 
    Serious inquiries only please.
    Contact Kevin Cocozzoli at (850) 683-0477 or Cell (850) 612-0816  
    Empty Weight 1855 lbs
    Max Gross Weight  2750 lbs
    Fuel Capacity 85 gallons useable
    Cruise speed at 8500 ft. 2450 rpm 265mph True
    Full IFR Certification
    Wing span 27 ft. 3in. with wing tip extensions build on         
    Always hangared in Chandler, Arizona