GLASAIR AVIATION Single Engine Piston Aircraft For Sale

Glasair Aircraft Information

The Glasair I series features low-wing, two-seat (side by side) aircraft. The general aviation craft was the first ever premolded composite kit aircraft offered. The Glasair IRG features retractable landing gear and the Glasair IFT uses tricycle landing gear. The Glasair ITD is a tail dragger configured aircraft. The I series is no longer in production.

The Glasair II features only slight modifications to the Glasair I. The new series was easier to assemble and has a more ergonomic cockpit. Of the three variations, the Glasair II, Glasair II-S, and the Glasair SII (Super-II), the SII is the only model still in production.

The Glasair III is the final production of the series. It comes with fixed landing gear only and is built for higher performance flying.

Another variation of the Glasair series is the Glasair Glastar. The Glastar is only produced under special order. It is a home built kit aircraft that excels in slow flight. It features folding wings and either tricycle landing gear or conventional landing gear.

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