• For Sale
  • 1979
  • N8211K
  • 6138 B model
  • Santa Fe, NM USA

95000 $95,000 USD
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  • For Sale
  • 1979
  • N8211K
  • 6138 B model
  • Santa Fe, NM USA

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Detailed Description

Amazing BiPlane with new engine, low time prop, smoke, tow hook, all metal factory remake for wealthy client who now says 'sell'.  B Model.  Good turbine conversion candidate. 115 Gallons.  
One One Kilo went to Schweizer in 2008 for a nose to tail refit including every option available on the last planes they ever built. Metalized wings, struts, aero stuff.  The works.  
The plane has been 'vetted' by several buyers but for some reason they want a perfect plane for cheap and nobody has come to see the plane.  Eleven Kilo is all around impressive.  Nozzles are like new, hopper is clean enough to bathe in!  All Cylinders ARE available (except #5 and that we are told is temporary), , the STC on the engine is 'alive and well' and all STC and parts are known quantities for conversion to R Category or export. 
To our knowledge the plane is completely ready to fly away. It fly's here often and nobody is trying to hide anything!  A very suspicious bunch these crop dusters.... 

This is a Clean, museum grade plane but its flown weekly.  
2750 TTAF.

Avionics / Equipment

GNC 300XL NavComm.  Modern GPS but no crop integration for shape files etc. 
GTX 320 Xpnder with ACK A-30 encoder


Nose to tail Schweizer remake with all mods including STC's. 
Certified Experimental but simple changeover to R or U category as all logs are present with STC paperwork. 
115 gallon fuel upgrade. 
Smoke, 330 gallons spray hopper, never chemicals!  Water only ever used in hopper. No odor to this plane!  
March 2021 annual.
No damage, dry NM plane. 
Metalized wings skins, tall tail and rudder, Empty wt. 3944 Useful load 556, max in Experimental category. Sailplane banner tow. Modified aileron and servo tabs. 
STC for R 2800 cylinders.  see log entries for extensive list of upgrades.  See engine notes on Super 600 engine.  
Mods?  They are all on this ship!

Engines / Mods / Prop

P&W R 1340-AN-1 sn 21721
100 SMOH by Aero-Engines LA in 2007.  
Prop Hamilton Standard with AgAero blades. Prop 710 since overhaul.

The "Super 600" conversion of the P&W R-1340 is a modification  to allow the use of Pratt & Whitney R-2800B cylinders, resulting in a more efficient and dependable engine. Installed under STC SEO1200LA, the R-2800B cylinders provide larger valves, slightly higher manifold pressure rating, higher compression ratio, generally cooler CHTs, and use "green run" cylinders.  Support for the Super 600 engine is currently available at Vintage Radials in CA, an FAA certified repair station specializing in overhauls for Wright and P&W radial aircraft engines.

Interior / Exterior

Very  Yellow!
Museum grade in and out. 
Paint shows like new.  Interior as new.  Panel everything shows as new.


Buy a late model Museum quality BiPlane with a massive, fresh, Radial engine and prop for the price of an LSA!
This thing will make you a legend unlike a sport cruiser from Latvia. 
This was a Massive financial investment on the part of the owner, now,  for sale at pennies on the dollar.  
Owner's age:  it's a fact.  Buy and fly this before you get too old!
Training in a two hole version of this available in Florida. Go to Florida for fun this winter then fly airshows next summer!
**Eagle Vistas is an ag pilot training facility in Inverness, FL, not too far from Orlando.  Their web site: 
https://eaglevistas.com/    (cut and paste, sorry, no hot link available!). 
They do tail wheel endorsements in a Citabria at $220 per hour for dual, and they have a 2-seat Ag-Cat that goes for $550 per hour dual.  

The CAT  is tucked neatly into a large hangar in Santa Fe and we can get it flown home to you for expenses.  The very knowledgeable owner is available for questions from serious buyers only.  
David Old. Cell:  505-470-3616.