• For Sale
  • 2021
  • 82SC
  • Not Listed
  • Lonoke, AR USA

230000 $230,000 USD

Kelly Qualls

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  • For Sale
  • 2021
  • 82SC
  • Not Listed
  • Lonoke, AR USA

Kelly Qualls


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Detailed Description

2021 Javron Super Cub for sale. 
-Titan O-370
-Garmin G3x
-Keller Flaps
-31' Bushwheels
-6" Extended Gear
-Acme Suspension and tailwheel
-90" extended Flaps
-Catto Prop
-185 SNEW

Recently built Experimental Super Cub for sale. Bronze Lindy award winner and has around 185 hours on it (Hours will increase as it is a flying airplane). The pricing will include delivery of the plane and a fresh annual / conditional inspection of the airplane.  Has competed and won at National STOL and Arkanstol events.

For Full Details and information please see the google drive link: (walk around video, spec sheet, and additional photos are all listed there)

Contact Information / Inquiries - StatonRobbie@aol.com

Avionics / Equipment

⮚	Garmin G3X
⮚	460 large screen PFD
⮚	Full package, less autopilot servos
⮚	GPS 20A
⮚	GEA 24
⮚	GSU 25
⮚	IBBS back up battery
⮚	GTR 20
⮚	GTX 45R
⮚	GMU 11
⮚	Built in intercom
⮚	TruTrack attitude indicator back up


⮚	2021 Javron wide body Super Cub experimental 185 hours TTSN
⮚	Long wing with four hinge ailerons and 90-inch p-stol flaps (Kellar Flaps)
⮚	Six inch extended heavy duty landing gear
⮚	Alaska airframes 6-inch wheels and Cleveland style brakes
⮚	31-inch Alaska bushwheel tires
⮚	Acme stinger tail wheel
⮚	Acme shocks black ops
⮚	3-inch larger elevators and rudder
⮚	Cub crafter gap seals on elevators and rudder
⮚	Double cover fabric with 1.8 oz over 2.8 oz
⮚	Custom paint (Airtech coatings)
⮚	Flatback cub design on top of fuselage to vertical
⮚	Carbon floorboards and interior side panels
⮚	Extended baggage 
⮚	Front and rear baggage lowered all the way down to bottom longerons
⮚	Welded on float fittings
⮚	Large side baggage access door
⮚	Custom colored seats front and rear
⮚	Adjustable front seat
⮚	Left, right, both fuel select
⮚	18 gallon left and right-wing tanks
⮚	Carbon dash
⮚	Selkirk carbon fiber engine cowling
⮚	Gro

Engines / Mods / Prop

⮚	⮚	Continental motors model, titan OX-370 JFD728, experimental, standard compression 185 hours TTSN
⮚	E-Mags
⮚	Lightweight flywheel, sky dynamics
⮚	Rear mount B n C alternator 40 amp
⮚	Light weight starter
⮚	Vetterman exhaust, crossover dual outlet
⮚	RMJ-AERO oil separator 
⮚	Airforms baffles
⮚	13 row oil cooler
⮚	Titanium firewall
⮚	Lightweight copper coated aluminum battery cable
⮚	Earth-EX battery
⮚	Catto Glass/3x carbon 2-B, DIA-84", Pitch 43", NLE cub type
⮚	Carbon fiber spinner

Interior / Exterior

⮚	Interior red or white map light
⮚	Carbon monoxide detector
⮚	Overhead flap control
⮚	USB charge ports front
⮚	Normal and Bose headset connect options
⮚	Electric trim, front stick control only
⮚	Front and rear P.T.T.
 and rear
⮚	Carbon fiber tank covers
⮚	Carbon fiber wing fairings
⮚	Carbon fiber jack screw covers
⮚	Forward view camera for Taxi