1984 LAKE LA 4/200EP

  • For Sale
  • 1984
  • LAKE LA 4/200EP
  • N1HT
  • 1104
  • Great Bend, KS USA

118000 $118,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1984
  • LAKE LA 4/200EP
  • N1HT
  • 1104
  • Great Bend, KS USA

General Specs (cont.)


266 SMOH

1351 SMOH




Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Ready to fly and float! This Lake 4-200EP is a great amphibious airplane with all the mods to make it your next favorite flying machine. 1984 LA-4-200EP, ACTT2347.2, ESMOH 266, PSMO 1351. Dual Narco nav/com's, Century 1 autopilot, GX55 GPS, King DME, King KT76 transponder and Freeflight ADS-b out, King audio panel.  Cargo door, quick disconnect Janitrol heater, hull strakes, aux fuel, bat wings, dual bilge pumps, vortex generators, door struts, teak and holly floor, Whelen strobes, dual brakes, split back seat and more. Located in Great Bend, KS - KGBD.

Avionics / Equipment

Century 1 Autopilot
GX55 - GPS
Dual Narco Nav/Com
King DME
King Transponder
Freeflight ADS-b Out
EI - Digital Oil Pressure & Temperature
EI - Volt & Amp Meter
Shadin Fuel Flow
Glareshield Lighting
4 Place Intercom


Cargo Door
Hull Strakes
Aux Fuel
Quick Disconnect Janitrol Cabin Heater
Bat Wings
Dual Bilge Pumps
Vortex Generators
Whelen Strobes
Door Struts
Split Back Seat
Teak and Holly Floor
Canopy Cover

Engines / Mods / Prop

Lycoming IO-360-A1B6
Hartzell - HC-E2YR-1BLF

EP Cowling

Interior / Exterior

Split back Seat
Shoulder Harnesses All Seats
Dual Brakes
Teak and Holly Floor
Interior in very good condition and clean
Exterior is cream and blue with short tail number


Lots of mods make this Lake a wonderful flying airplane. 

Annual Completed - 4-2021
91.411 & 91.413 Completed - 9-2021