• For Sale
  • 2003
  • N191DW
  • 42022
  • WA USA

299000 $299,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 2003
  • N191DW
  • 42022
  • WA USA

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SJ McKee

10940 SW Barnes Road #262

Portland, OR 97225 USA

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General Specs (cont.)


874 SNEW

950 lb



Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

2003 Lancair Columbia 350. With over 2000 aircraft sold, Lancair aircraft are beautiful, sleek and fast. This well cared for 350 Columbia, is no exception and is truly a rare bird, being on one of the few Lancair's that are certified. It has only 875 hours and is flown regularly. All AD's and service work are well documented. The aircraft has been professionally maintained and has extensively clear and concise logs. The interior is in great shape with comfortable leather seats. With a max cruising speed of 190 knots and a range of 950-1320 miles, this aircraft will not only blow your socks off but it will also outlast your bladder.

Avionics / Equipment

This aircraft two large flat screens and Avidyne Entegra Flight Max PFD with Flight Director. Avidyne Flight Max EX5000 MFD Garmin Dual GNS-430s NAV/Comm/, GPSS's Garmin Dual GNS WASS enabled 430s, NAV /Comm/GPS's Garmin GTX 330 Mode S Transponder Ryan 9900BX 24nm Active Traffic XM Weather CMAX Electronic Charts, EMAX Engine Monitoring Digital Checklists to MFD Terrain WX500 Stormscope S-Tec 55X Autopilot w/Autotrim, GPS and Altitude Pre-Select Mid-Continent Electric AI indicator with Battery Backup.


TTAF: 872

This aircraft is beautiful, professional painted in white, black and beige. It is carbon fiber, cool looking and then some. Robert Goyer from Flying Magazine said it best, the Columbia looks like a "Detroit concept Car of an airplane." See his article in the May 23, 2004 issue of Flying. The Columbia has a wing with a discontinuous leading edge, to move the stall inboard. It also limited up-elevator travel and installed a rudder that is limited in left throw under power on stall conditions.

Engines / Mods / Prop

TCIM IO-550 Series. 310 HP, 874 since new. TBO 2000,
25.2 Ft Length
Height: 9Ft
Wingspan: 36 feet
Max Fuel 98 usable

Hartzell 3 Blade, 874 since new

Interior / Exterior

Well maintained tan buckskin leather seats that are comfortable and roomy.

Composite, white with black and tan.


Addition Features, Equipment or Comments:
Take off Weight: 3400 lbs
Ramp Weight: 3400
Empty Weight: 2450
Useful Load: 950
Landing Weight: 3230
Baggage Weight: 120

Professionally maintained by Lancair specialist. Fantastic records. All AD's in compliance.