• For Sale
  • 2009
  • N39WG
  • ES-39-A
  • Warrenton, VA USA

210000 $210,000 USD
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  • For Sale
  • 2009
  • N39WG
  • ES-39-A
  • Warrenton, VA USA

General Specs (cont.)


386 SNEW

386 SNEW

800 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

The best LANCAIR SUPER ES currently available on the market, 386 TTSN, Oshkosh Grand Champion, 310 HP, Fast 185KTAS, Synthetic Vision Full Glass, WAAS GPS, ADSB, Full IFR Package, Oxygen.

Avionics / Equipment

> Chelton 2-screen EFIS Synthetic Vision IDU with Pinpoint GADAHRS,
> GNS430W WAAS GPS Nav/Com w/GI106A Course Deviation Indicator
>Garmin SL30 2nd Nav/Com
> Garmin GTX330 Transponder with TIS (Traffic)
> PS Engineering PMA 8000 Audio panel w/music input
> PSS Sport AOA (Angle of Attach Indicator) connected with Primary Flight Display
> TruTrak AutoPilot (3-Axis) with auto-trim system
> TruTrak backup Attitude Indicator w/ internal GPS (Internal and External backup batteries)
> Grand Rapids EIS6000 engine motor
> Sandia SAE5-35 high resolution (10′) blind encoder
> Infinity 7-button stick grips (pitch & bank control)
> 3-axis remote electric trim system (rudder, aileron & elevator)
> Backup analog altimeter and airspeed indicators
> 4 place Bose & Standard Headset attachment points


Oshkosh Grand Champion for build quality & finish; Very rare level of finish throughout this aircraft; Very fast, Cruise speed is 185 Knots TAS burning 18.5 GPH ROP or 175 KTAS, LOP burning 13.5GPH. 100 Gallons capacity (50/side)=5.4 hours range ROP/1000nm range or 7.4 hours range LOP or 1300nm (no reserves); 800lb Useful load with full fuel (100 gallons) giving a total useful load of 1400lbs (it is hard, to nearly impossible to overload this aircraft - see photo!); 100% corrosion-free airframe, very clean, like new in & out.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Continental IO550-N/Hartzel 3-blade prop 386 TTSN; Engine & Prop were brand new when installed
> Gross weight: 3,600 lbs, Useful load: 1,436 lbs
> Backlit engraved panel rocker switches
> 100Amp primary alternator
> 20A B&C Standby Alternator
> 12V dual bus, dual battery electrical system 
> (2) 12V 16 Ahr batteries with cross-tie
> 12V DC aux power connector on CP side
> Avionics system 9-segment Master Caution panel
> UMA Electroluminescent instrument wedges
> Ray Allen analog trim indicators (pitch & roll)
> (4) Bose bus-powered headphone jacks (2 in rear)
> LED cowl mounted landing-taxi lights
> Piper style ground/external power plug
> Carbon Fiber exhaust stack tunnels
> 4-place oxygen system (panel switched)
> Interior upholstery by Buchanan Aviation - ultra-suede with Tapis ultra leather
> Fold-down rear seatback (accommodates large cargo items)
> Overhead console-mounted swivel LED lights w/ individual switches
> Carbon fiber overlay panels for classic styling 
> Overhead fresh air vents (Wemac-Airline style)
> Keyed entrance and baggage doors

Interior / Exterior

> Aircraft equipped with Mountain High Oxygen System;
> Full Leather Interior throughout
> High-quality paint, performed by top paint-shop in California
> Wonderful cabin with amazing perspective and all-round views which presents a light airy feel within the cabin which is very comfortable for pilot and passengers


This plane flies beautifully. She is very well made by an expert builder, and stalls straight and very gently. She won Grand Champion at Oshkosh in 2011 for her excellent build quality. The builder was a highly respected member of the community and this aircraft is acknowledged as one of the best built ES in the fleet. Only two owners since new. All maintenance has been complete by certified maintenance facility. Logbooks are complete and up-to-date with no errors, omissions or gaps. All SBs complied with (No ADs apply to this aircraft or engine). This aircraft has an outstanding fleet history as one of the safest 4 place high performance experimental aircraft available. Too many improvements/extras to list here but check out the photos. If you haven't flown a LancAir ES, you'll love this plane. It flies like a plane should fly, the old saying that a plane flies like it looks is very true with this airframe. The Super ES designates the 310 HP motor from the super reliable Continental IO550.
Fresh Conditional Inspection with sale (can be used as pre-buy).

See all photos, logbooks and oil analysis at N39WG.com - call me any time (202) 329 0085.

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