• For Sale
  • 2012
  • N316DR
  • 1014
  • Tehachapi, CA USA

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  • For Sale
  • 2012
  • N316DR
  • 1014
  • Tehachapi, CA USA

Altivation Aircraft Sales

Aircraft Sales - Chris Swathwood

General Specs (cont.)


193 SNEW

193 SNEW

830 lb





Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

The Quartz Mountain Aerospace 11E is a modern and updated take on the original Luscombe 11 Sedan, and was produced as a type certified aircraft. While this aircraft is currently operating under a Experimental Exhibition type certificate, it is capable of being issued a standard airworthiness, but keeping this in an experimental status does provide the new owner additional flexibility. This QMA 11E offers a de-rated IO-360-ES providing 185 horsepower (can be converted back to 210hp), and offers a useful load of 830 lbs, a 16,000 foot service ceiling, and a normal cruise speed of 133 mph. The clean panel provides a complete Garmin stack with dual Garmin 430's, MX20 MFD and GMA 340 audio panel and a Garmin G5. The large roomy cabin offers a perfect alternative to the 182 with a fuel burn of only 7.5 gph, and 40 gallons of fuel providing the aircraft with a range of over 575 nm. No known damage history, hangar kept, and based in the dry mountain climate just north of Mojave California. Seller is willing to provide buyer with some assistance on moving the aircraft back into standard airworthiness if desired.

Avionics / Equipment

Transponder: Garmin GTX 330
ADS-B: In and out
NAV/COM: Dual Garmin GNS 430
GPS 1: Garmin GNS 430 WAAS
GPS 2: Garmin GNS 430 WAAS
MFD: Gamin MX 20
Garmin Garmin G5 Attitude/Alt/Airspeed
AUDIO: Garmin GMA 340
Digital Clock


Quartz Mountain Aerospace built a total of 15 aircraft before becoming a victim of the 2008 economic crisis. In 2009 Quartz Mountain declared bankruptcy, and the remaining assets were auctioned off in 2011 to RA Lalli, including the type and production certificate, 7 aircraft and a large amount of spare parts. This aircraft, while built in 2008, was one of the 7 aircraft sold at auction with the other company assets and the aircraft was fully completed and issued a airworthiness in 2012, and includes build and flight test logs.

Engines / Mods / Prop

QMA 11E offers a de-rated IO-360-ES (same engine as Cirrus SR20) providing 185 horsepower and can be converted to 210hp.

Continental IO-360-ES 185 horsepower 2000 TBO
Engine Time Since New (TTSN) 193 hrs.

Interior / Exterior

Large comfortable 4 place cabin, with room for multiple carry on sized bag storage under the rear elevated seats that offer passengers a great forward view. Interior 9/10

Factory new paint with with metallic dark blue and gold. Exterior 10/10


Contact us today for more information or to request a copy of the digital logs.

Annual Due Sept 2022

Specifications subject to verification by purchaser