1973 MAULE M-4-220C

  • For Sale
  • 1973
  • MAULE M-4-220C
  • 40653
  • 2167C
  • Granbury, TX USA

95000 $95,000 USD
No Trades

Jeremy Harris

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    • For Sale
    • 1973
    • MAULE M-4-220C
    • 40653
    • 2167C
    • Granbury, TX USA

    Jeremy Harris


    General Specs (cont.)


    1025 SMOH

    195 SMOH

    900 lb




    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    IFR 1973 Maule M4 220 LOW TIME
    No Trades
    Engine: Franklin 220
    Prop: Sensenich 82" 90DA-8
    Cruise: 105-108 kts
    I've owned it for 2 years. I love it, I had the yokes wrapped in leather, new front door latches, new mags, fuel pump, hoses, gaskets, primer lines, seals.... I put a ton into the panel to make it IFR new AV30 (x2), 420, newer transponder, new audio panel and all new wiring, new bus bar, avionics master, and new JPI EDM. 
    It has all of the goodies. 29" tires, extended gear, VGs, 82" prop. Engine has just over 1,025 hours (TBO is 1500) and annual was just completed in February. Compressions: 76, 72, 74, 76, 76, 78. 
    Seam in belly needs repaired. Have material. Waiting on IA to get me in and will have it repaired ASAP. Otherwise, fabric is in great shape. Hangared and we'll cared for. 
    It's loud. It's bold. It's awesome. 
    Price is $95k
    Why? 1) I am buying a 310 and can't really swing both. 2) I want to do Tailwheel add-ons as a CFI and my insurance won't write a Maule for training.

    Avionics / Equipment

    GNS 420 (GPS/Comm - no Nav)
    AV30 x 20
    Garmin 345 audio panel (with all new wiring and jacks)
    Garmin 327 transponder
    Narco MK 12D (radio / Nav)
    JPI EDM 700 engine monitor


    Low time airframe in great shape. Hangared and well cared for. Paint is beautiful. Belly seam needs repaired and is scheduled - but still very much airworthy and flyable. 
    VGs, 29" tires, extended gear, Scott 3200 Tailwheel, gap seals.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    So much work done here. New mags overhauled, new fuel pump, new push rod tube seals, new tach seal, new oil pressure hose, new valve gaskets, new top cover gasket, new primer lines. It runs great and has been gone over to make sure it's in great shape.

    Interior / Exterior

    Nice black interior in great shape. 
    New leather wrapped yokes with custom yellow stitched Maule logo


    I bought this plane to keep forever. I went through it for 2 years tweaking everything I could. But, things change and I need to sell it. If you want a great plane that is in great shape - this is it. Nothing to hide - totally transparent. Just and awesome plane.