1993 MAULE M-7-235

  • For Sale
  • 1993
  • MAULE M-7-235
  • N93ML
  • 4114-c
  • wasilla, AK USA

165000 $165,000 USD

noel lowe

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  • For Sale
  • 1993
  • MAULE M-7-235
  • N93ML
  • 4114-c
  • wasilla, AK USA

noel lowe


General Specs (cont.)


516 SMOH






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

With 5 different degrees of flaps and the Maule long wing you can go amazing places with this Maule M7.  The seaplane doors and Maule's incredible side loading doors make it the perfect work horse of the sky.  Hangared in Wasilla Alaska.  
All original logs; aircraft, engine, maintenance, and records are organized and maintained.  Detailed STC Certificates, 337 forms included in the documentation which documents all modifications to the aircraft.  All Air Directives are documented.

Avionics / Equipment

com a-200
intercom PM3000
stratus ADS in 2S 
Garmin 296
king transponder KT 70
Dynon D6
Fuel Flow Comp


total time 2084.9 
condition is above average for year make and model
one ground loop accident and fully repaired 2010

Engines / Mods / Prop

Cleveland wheels and brakes
Fuel Flow computer
long range fuel tanks 
alaskan bush wheels
VG's upper lower
winter covers
McCauley Variable pitch prop

Interior / Exterior

two front seats
two middle seats 
up to 65lbs in 3rd seat


hangared in excellent shape