• For Sale
  • 1966
  • N892SG
  • 1114
  • North Las Vegas, NV USA

79500 $79,500 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1966
  • N892SG
  • 1114
  • North Las Vegas, NV USA

Las Vegas Aircraft

Christopher Benham

General Specs (cont.)


318 SMOH

124 SOH

929 lb



Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

This beautiful Mooney M20E Super 21 is looking for a new home. Current owner has had the aircraft for many years and is ready to give her to a new home. Perfect for those looking for a solid XC cruiser!

This Mooney certainly grabs attention on the ramp with its gorgeous paint and interior.

This aircraft was just woke back up with an extensive annual a few months back. With the bugs worked out, she is ready to get in the air and be enjoyed for the great performance that comes from the Super 21 model!

Avionics / Equipment

King KMA24 Audio Panel
SPA-400 Intercom (4 Place)
Apollo II Morrow GPS
Narco 12D Comm/Nav w/GS
King KX170B Comm/Nav w/GS
King KT76A Mode C Transponder
Uavionics Tail Beacon (ADS-B Out)

Brittain Accutrak II Autopilot
Insight GEM Engine Monitor (4 CHT/EGT)
Aerospace Logic Digital Fuel Gauge
Davtron 307FCE OAT and Volt Gauge
Digital RPM
Datcom Hobbs Meter


4371 TTAF
LASAR Nose Truss

Gross Weight - 2575.00 lbs.
Empty Weight - 1645.30 lbs.
Useful Load -  929.70 lbs.
Fuel QTY - 50 gallons.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Lycoming IO-360-A1A
SN: L-2141-51A
318 SMOH (2000 TBO)

Last Compressions -
77-77-79-78 over 80.

Hartzell 2 Blade Constant Speed Prop
Model: HC-C2YK-1BF
SN: CH3952E
124 SOH

Interior / Exterior

Matterhorn White and Deep Blue Paint Scheme
Deep Blue, Purple, and Turquoise Accent Stripes
Paint in very good condition.
Minor chips in areas, but shows very well.

Glass in very good condition.
No signs or cracking or crazing.
New Co-pilot window installed in 11/2022 annual.

White Leather w/pattern fabric Seating.
Blue piping and fabric armrests/pockets.
Interior in very good condition.
No signs of cracking, cuts, or fading. 

Blue Carpeting throughout.
Carpet in very good condition.
No signs or stains, cuts, or fading.

Black Seat Belts.
In very good condition.


Last Performed -
Annual - 11/2022
91.411 - 10/2022
91.413 - 10/2022

Next Due -
ELT Battery - 09/2023

- Extensive annual in late 2022.
  (list below. See logbook scans for entire write up)
 - New Gill G35 Battery.
- New Fuel Gauge installed.
- New Fuel Sending Unit installed.
- Co-pilot Window replaced.
- New Tires.
- LASAR Nose Truss installed.
- Directional Gyro overhauled.

- Flown and stored in dry climate for decades.
- See logbooks for more information.
- More information, pictures, and logbooks on our website. LVAircraft.com