1980 MOONEY M20K 262

  • For Sale
  • 1980
  • MOONEY M20K 262
  • N231LG
  • 25-0296

185000 $185,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1980
  • MOONEY M20K 262
  • N231LG
  • 25-0296

General Specs (cont.)


892 SMOH


880 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Fully Equipped Mooney M20K Trophy 262 (252 conversion, MB engine) 1980, TSN 2190, TSMOH 892, Avidyne IFD540/440, ADS-B IN/OUT GTX345. Excellent condition, interior 9.5/10, exterior 8/10.
For sale by owner. Contact me directly at a20qwe@gmail.com

Avionics / Equipment

Dual Alternators - 12V
Avidyne IFD540 WAAS with NSD360HSI (WiFi/Bluetooth, Keypad, 2019)
Avidyne IFD440 WAAS with GI 106A Ind. (WiFi/Bluetooth, Keypad,2019)
Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B IN/OUT Transponder  (2019, wired to audio panel as terrain/traffic alerting system and to both IFD, Bluetooth)
Century 41 Auto Pilot, GPSS Century
Insight SF-2000 StrikeFinder
LoPresty "Boom Beam" HID Landing Light System (Left Wing)
4 place Oxygen, 77 cu ft, pressure test due 6/2025
Schauer  12V, 25A Automatic Battery Charger/ Maintainer/ Ground Power w/Cessna Plug, 12V, 25A (plug Mooney very well).


ACTSN: 2,190 
Useful Load:880lb

262 Trophy conversion (2002 by Lone Star):
 * firewall forward is 252 with MB1 engine (with factory integrated intercooler, Garret turbocharger and automatic wastegate)
  * 252 cowl with one big hand operating cowl flap

LoPresty "Boom Beam" HID Landing Light System (2005) 
Side windows new (2017 installed by LASAR)
One-piece composite smooth belly (2017 fabricated and installed by LASAR)
Gear actuator (overhauled 2017 by LASAR)
Corrosion inspection (2017 by LASAR)
New leather interior (2017 installed by LASAR)
Wing wheel well liner fairings (2017  by LASAR) 
Low profile gear doors (2020)
All fuel tanks on both sides striped and resealed (2020)
Oxygen system (overhauled 2017/bottle due 2032) 
Full compliance 2020 ADS-B IN/OUT
Brake master cylinders overhauled 2021

Next Annual: 7/2022
Next IFR: 9/2023


Engines / Mods / Prop

TSIO-360-MB1 (#1317174)  (dual alternators) SMOH:892Hr
Prop: MCCAULEY 2A34C221-B   SPOH:892Hr  

Throttle body controller (overhauled 2019)
Fuel pump (overhauled 2019)
Mixture cable (installed new 2019)
-07/2021 -
New piston rings kits installed in all 6 cylinders. New seals and gaskets. Compression check : #1-78/80, #2-76/80, #3-78/80, #4-78/80, #5-76/80, #6-78/80

Interior / Exterior

Leather interior 2017: 
Milk cream leather headliner and interior panels.
Navy blue leather articulated seats. Glare-shield panel reupholstered. 
Red carpet.  
Interior 9.5 out of 10.
Exterior: 2010 platinum grey and metal dark blue (in 2017 in relation to installation of a new one-piece belly and inspection of the forward skin, paint from some parts of the fuselage have been stripped and painted. (Some re-painted surfaces differ slightly from the original paint). Installation of the smooth belly and wheel well liner significantly improved aerodynamics and the shape of the body. After all upgrades N231LG contains practically all features of the 252 model.
Exterior 8 out of 10. The only reason for not assessing it 10 out of 10 is the minor color difference in the some areas of the paint.



05/10/2016:  Exterior fire during attempted engine start. 
Cleaned, inspected by LASAR (2017, no structural damages found, see airframe Logbooks for full info). 

Recent Improvements:
  * new right fiberglass wing-root fairing
  * fiberglass one piece belly
  * new side windows
  * new interior
  * new mixture cable
  * avionics upgrades: IFD540/440, GTX345.   *     
  * fuel pump
  * landing gear actuator
  * throttle body controller
  * oxygen system full overhaul
  * new piston rings, seals and gaskets
  * both fuel tanks completely stripped and resealed. 

All details are in Airframe and Engine logbooks.

Vs:  61 kts.
Vso:  59 kts.
Best rate of climb:  1,080 fpm
Service ceiling: FL 240
Takeoff ground roll:  1,250 ft.
Takeoff over 50-ft. obstacle:  2,200 ft.
Landing ground roll: 1,140 ft.
Landing over 50-ft. obstacle:  2,300 ft.
Fuel consumption 12.7 (gph): @ 75% pwr.	
Cruise speed:	 
75% power @ 20,000 ft.:  201 kts.
65% power @ 10,000 ft.:  180 kts.

Please contact me by email only : a20qwe@gmail.com

N231LG is upgraded to 252.

In 1985, Mooney's engineers were tasked with making as many improvements as possible to the 231 and bringing to the market a vastly improved airplane in 1986 - the M-20K 252TSE.  Among the improvements were improved engine cooling and a redesigned primary air induction system.  TCM made big improvements to the LB engine that resulted in the MB1 version. The changes were many.  Most important were a tuned induction system for more even induction airflow to the cylinders, a larger Garret turbocharger, a manifold pressure controlling system allowing full throttle operations for takeoff, and the incorporation of an intercooler that cooled induction air temperatures by as much as 100 degrees F.  The improvements resulted in the 252 that ran cooler than the 231, required only 36 inches of manifold pressure versus 40 with the 231, and flew 10 kts faster than the 231.