1983 MOONEY M20K 262

  • For Sale
  • 1983
  • MOONEY M20K 262
  • N5659L
  • 25-0762
  • Alexandria, MN USA

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  • For Sale
  • 1983
  • MOONEY M20K 262
  • N5659L
  • 25-0762
  • Alexandria, MN USA

General Specs (cont.)


1391 SMOH

741 SNEW

850 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Fly 200 knots only 13 gal/hr. Latest Garmin avionics. $66,000 de-ice system. Best Mooney Model. Similar to 252 with more features (full video including flight). A plane you'd be proud to own.

Avionics / Equipment

Sandel sn3308 digital HSI EFIS
KAP 150 2 Axis autopilot with Altitude hold
Garmin 760 touchscreen with bluetooth & wifi
Garmin GDL 52 with traffic and satellite weather
Garmin 335 ADS-B transponder
Stormscope WX-10A
Avionics Master Switch
12-volt Auxiliary Power Supply (cigarette lighter style for charging GPS, iPad, iPhones, etc.)
Beacon Light
Cabin heat
Dual Push-to-Talk Switches
Electric cowl flaps
FL101 fuel flow monitor


Speed brakes
TKS complete de-ice system
Onboard oxygen system

Engines / Mods / Prop

Continental TSIO-360MB
McCauley 2 blade propeller

Interior / Exterior

3 point seat belts - 4 place
6 adjustable cabin air vents
Leather seats


(The video of this plane the most informative video about 252- 262 with all details, engine management, speeds, flight, performance ect... Please make sure to watch the video above the photos or in our website. https://www.aerolifeaviation.com/Item/Index?idun=1016&1983-MOONEY-M20K-262" class="external_link" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.aerolifeaviation.com/Item/Index?idun=1016&1983-MOONEY-M20K-262 )

Mooney 252 is considered the best Mooney model by most. This Mooney 262 Trophy conversion is similar to 252 and has some rare features.

This Mooney has everything even a hard core pilot needs. A full TKS de-ice system that costs $66,000 to install. Speed brakes, onboard oxygen, Garmin avionics package and many redundancy systems. All logs, in annual, IFR cert.

This plane has 28,000ft ceiling, flies 200 knots, burns only 12.5 -13.5 gal/hr, over 1200 mile range. You can run LOP 10-11 gal/hr. No other certified plane can do as efficiently. This Mooney's fuel savings alone is about $26,000 for every 1000 flight hours compared to similar capable planes.

We had long cross country trips and it flies really nice.
Interior and exterior condition tell a lot about how previous owners cared for the plane. This Mooney has shiny 3 tone paint, very clean airframe, no corrosion, hail or damages. Indicates a well cared for plane.

One of the best features - Continental TSIO 360MB turbocharged intercooled engine. (This model is far better than previous GB or LB models) Tuned induction. Automatic wastegate so you don't worry about overboost - leads to longer engine and turbo life. GAMI injectors, JPI EDM 830 advanced digital engine monitor and digital fuel flow so you can fly this plane at 10-11 gal an hour and still get a very fast speed. (Watch the video to learn about the engine management). This engine has higher TBO of 1800. Since it runs much cooler pilots fly well above TBO without even replacing cylinders unlike other turbocharged engines. Dual alternator for redundancy.

Very nice leather. Overall clean interior, carpets a little worn. Comfortable seats with height adjustment. Unique feature - rear seats can fold forward to give a large cargo space.
75 gallon usable fuel tanks, both resealed.
Good climb performance, 900+ ft/min at full gross, climb continuously up to 24,000ft. Beat most weather and catch nice high altitude tailwinds.

Complete upgraded avionics package with redundancies and backups for all flight conditions. Garmin 430 WAAS and Garmin 760 touchscreen with bluetooth and wifi. Included Garmin GDL-52 gives you ADS-B traffic and weather in the 760 and mobile devices. Also has SiriusXM satellite weather. Stormscope, so you have all available cockpit weather. Latest Garmin GTX 335 transponder for ADS-B out. Digital HSI. 2 axis autopilot with altitude hold.

There was a hard landing recorded in 2004. All repairs done professionally; everything logged in detail. It was 16 years ago and flown over 700 hours since. So no factor, but like to mention.

Most expensive complete prop, wings and tail TKS de-ice system. $66,000 to install. Even though it's not FIKI, I think it's a better system than others since it covers the entire plane unlike other systems. Having a full de-ice system is a lifesaver in unexpected icing. 
I think it is a great value. If you remove the cost of the de-ice system ($66k), you are buying the plane for the price of a 172. 
When you are buying a plane, many factors make it a smart buy besides the price including future costs and savings. Since everything is upgraded you can save tens of thousands in upgrades and maintenance. You can also save tens of thousands in fuel. With its speeds and capabilities you can save a lot of your time. And in the end, it is a great looking plane and one of the best Mooney models.
I think all of the above makes it a smart buy and investment. A plane you can be proud to own and fly.

Please watch the video for all the details about the plane and see how it flies. It's also a great information video to learn about the Mooney 252 family. You can find it in the tab above the photos or on our website here: https://www.aerolifeaviation.com/Item/Index?idun=1016&1983-MOONEY-M20K-262" class="external_link" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://www.aerolifeaviation.com/Item/Index?idun=1016&1983-MOONEY-M20K-262

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