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  • For Sale
  • 1991
  • N9148D
  • 27-0104
  • Edin Prarie, MN USA
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General Specs (cont.)


850 SFOH

850 SPOH

1000 lb





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Detailed Description


LOADED!!! 1991 Mooney TLS Bravo.  Just look at the spec sheet. Amaze your friends, family, and your spouse with this modern marvel of speed and efficiency!  Do you want arrive in an old pickup truck or a Corvette?  Look no further...

Avionics / Equipment

•	Dual Aspen with GPSS, PFD/MFD with Synthetic Vision and AOA GNS 530W (WAAS)
•	Garmin Flight Stream Connect 210
•	King KLN 90B GPS
•	King KT 79 coupled to Garmin GDL 88 (ADS-B 2020 compliant)
•	King KR 87 ADF
•	JPI EDM 830
•	Shadin Fuel Flow
•	Engine Gages:-
•	MAP, Tacometer, Fuel Flow, TIT, CHT, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature. Hobbs Meter.
•	STBY Attitude Indicator (electric only, vacuum removed)
•	3M WX-1000 + Stormscope
•	Guardian CO Monitor
•	KFC-150 A/P with 297B Altitude Pre-Select and Vert Speed Select
•	In-Flight Spoilers
•	Scott Oxygen System
•	Rosin Sun Visors
•	Tannis engine heater
•	LED external lights in all positions
•	Recent main pucks
•	New nose wheel/ Mains tires in excellent condition
•	Fresh Corrosion X treatment at annual – wings and fuselage
•	New light weight cover


Fresh October annual by PJ Aircraft, SVC.  Just research any Mooney forum for recommendations to Phil Jiminez's shop.  He ONLY works on Mooneys and is well known in the Mooney community!

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine Mfg:		Textron Lycoming
Model Number:	TIO-549-AF1B
Rated HP:		270HP
TBO:			2000
•	Turbo Charger overhauled at last annual by Air Research, Inc.
•	All compressions > 76/80!!!!!!  This thing is like brand new!     
•	Recent “V clamp replacement at 800 hrs 
•	New GAMI injectors

Interior / Exterior

Always hangared
Paint Rating: 8 out of 10
Year Painted: 2007
Very Good condition  
Always hangared: 
Interior Rating 9.5 out of 10

Glass: 9/10 EXCEPT Right side "long" glass has minor crazing (rate 7/10).


Whats the difference between the TLS Bravo and the Ovation??? How about a 270HP, Turbo-charged, 2000hr TBO Lycoming Engine in the TLS VS. the normally aspirated, 1800hr TBO Continental in the Ovation.  207kts TAS in the TLS, 190kts TAS in the Ovation.  With 84 gals of useable fuel in the TLS, rocketship speeds, combined with the ability to clear any weather or terrain, this is truly your own personal airliner that will not limit your imagination to the flat-lands.  

This aircraft did have damage 14 years ago (2004) with an inadvertent gear up landing.  The belly of the TLS is smooth riveted, so the subsequent repair (by Firewall Forward...aka one of the best shops in the world) was a breeze.  At that time, the engine was nearing TBO, so the owner came out pretty good and scored a new factory overhauled engine and prop due to his embarrassing screw up!  

This creampuff is exceptionally equipped with all the bells and whistles.  Best of all, everything works as it should!  No surprises here!  No skimpy maintenance, nothing left inoperative in this panel. Dual Aspen Pro MFD/PDF with synthetic vision,  Active skywatch traffic, ADS-B Traffic, ADS-B in/out, ADS-B Weather, Terrain warning, Spoilers, FlightStream 210 Bluetooth connectivity (flight planning, programming, WAAS, synthetic vision, Chart overlay, etc... via the Garmin or Foreflight App...directly on your Ipad).  

Fly Fast, Fly High, Fly Equipped!