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    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 1941
    • N2073Y
    • 75-3465
    • Tulsa, OK USA


    239500 $239,500 USD

    Dan Howard Aircraft Sales LLC
    • (918) 296-4326
    • Fax: (781) 623-5386
    • Sales

      9061 Airport Way

      Tulsa, OK 74132 USA

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    239500 $239,500 USD

    General Specs (cont.)


    349 SFOH

    711 SPOH




    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    This gorgeous, 'Standard Category' Airworthiness Certificated AT-6A is without a doubt one of the better T6 Texans flying. This low-time aircraft went through a 3-year restoration between 1998 and 2001 that would be a substantial expense if performed now. It sports a 349 hour engine overhauled by Covington Aircraft Engines, a Gemini 8300-082 EFIS Artificial Horizon, Garmin GNC-250XL GPS-Com, Garmin Transponder, 2nd GPS, G-Meter, Intercom, Airwolf Spin-On Oil Filter, Speed Exhaust, & new ACK 406Hz ELT. The exterior is professionally polished aluminum with Stars & Bars military markings, and, during the restoration the interior of the fuselage, all of the controls, the instrument panels, the engine mount, and the oil tank were all powder coated military green. Also, installed during the restoration was ALL NEW Electrical Wiring, All Fabric replaced on control surfaces, and All Instruments had the radioactive Iridium removed and then all were overhauled. This aircraft retains much of it's military authenticity a she is still equipped with many of the old military controls & switches for previously installed systems such as the yoke-mounted Machine Gun Button with 'Fire & Safe' selector, Gun Charger Handle, Rocket Switches, Jettison Button, Flare Chute, Gun Bay, & Camera Bay.  This aircraft was built in California at the North American factory but was began it's life as a Harvard MK IIA assigned to Royal Canadian Air Force. Just two years ago, in June 2015, due to this aircraft being used routinely in military formation flights over arenas and stadiums, etc, the owner put the aircraft through the very exhaustive and expensive FAA Conformity Inspection to have it certified under 'Standard' Category Airworthiness rather than 'Experimental'. The aircraft passed this process with flying colors. The NATA AMOC for Wing Spar Attach 'Eddy Current' Inspection for AD 2005-12-51 was just performed in October  If you are looking for an AT-6A, that has had exceptional maintenance, this one is a definite must see. Always kept in an air-conditioned hangar since the 2001 restoration, there are no corrosion issues. There are very few warbirds in existence that have had the quality of professional care like N2073Y !! If you have ANY questions about this aircraft, please don't hesitate to call and ask.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Gemini 8300-082 EFIS Artificial Horizon (on Pilot's Instrument Panel)
    Garmin GNC-250XL GPS-Com 
    Garmin GTX-320A Transponder w/ Mode C Encoder
    Garmin Area VFR GPS externally-mounted & hardwired to electrical power
    PS Engineering PM-1000 Voice-Activated Intercom


    5,240 hours Total Time Since New

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    349 SMOH w/ Factory New Crankshaft by Covington Aircraft Engines, Inc.  (Pratt & Whitney Overhaul Center / FAA CRS # CP2R750K) in Okmulgee, OK  (Feb 2007)
    Make: Pratt & Whitney  /  Model: R-1340 WASP S3H1  /  Serial #: 9592   (600 Horsepower Engine)
    Most recent compressions taken 6 flight hours ago on July 17, 2017 were: #1 / 78, #3 / 74, #5 / 78, #7 / 77, #9 / 77, #2 / 78, #4 / 78, #6 / 77, & #8 / 78.
    (This engine is only on it's 3rd overhaul since new, the total time on the engine since new is 3,387 hours.)
    711 SPOH by A-1 Propeller Service, Ltd.  of Richmond, British Columbia  (Canada DOT # 94.90)  (April 2001)
    236 hours since Prop Disassembled, Inspected, Repaired & Resealed by Foster's Propeller Service, Inc.  (FAA CRS # F3PR014N)  (Aug 2008)
    Make:  Hamilton Standard  / Model: 12D40  / Serial #: T4695

    Interior / Exterior

    Light Grey Leather seat upholstery with 4-Point Restraint Systems.
    Rated:    9
    Overall professionally Polished Aluminum with Yellow & Black 'Stars & Bars' & 'Checkerboard' accents & wheel covers. 
    As most all 77-year-old aircraft, this bird has various small hail dings and miscellaneous dents on its top skins that it has collected along the way during its eight-decade lifespan but all are cosmetic in nature. 
    Rated:    9


    Annual Inspection next due:  August 1, 2018
    Meticulous Logs & Records.