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    North American SNJ Series Aircraft Information

    Also listed under the designation of North American Harvard or North American SNJ, the North American T-6 Texan is an advanced trainer, single engine aircraft used for training by the US Army Air Force, Royal Air Force, US Navy, and other British air forces.

    The variations in the series were the North American BC-1 (basic combat trainer), BC-1A (semi-monocoque rear fuselage, vertical tail surfaces, and squared-off wingtips), BC-1B, and the BC-11 (instrument trainers), The next series was designated the North American AT-6 Texan series. Variants include the AT-6 Texan (same a BC-1A powered by an R-1340-47 engine), AT-6A (features a removable wing center section and a R-1340-49 engine), AT-6B (uses R-1340-AN-1), North American AT-6C (low-alloy steel and plywood structure changes), North American AT-6D (24v DC electrical system), XAT-6E, North American AT-6F (strengthened airframe and minor modifications), North American AT-6G, and the North American AT-6J. The next series was designated the T-6 Texan line and were mostly redesignations from the AT series. Variations in this series include the T-6A, T-6C, T-6D, T-6F, T-6G, LT-6G, T-6H, and the T-6J. The SNJ Texan series for the US Navy includes the SNJ-1, SNJ-2, SNJ-3, SNJ-3C, North American SNJ4, SNJ-4C, SNJ-5, SNJ-5C, SNJ-6, SNJ-7, SNJ-7B, and the SNJ-8. The Harvard series includes the Harvard I, Harvard II, Harvard IIA (RAF and Commonwealth), Harvard IIA (RCAF), Harvard IIB, Harvard T.T.IIB, Harvard IIF, Harvard III, and the North American Harvard IV.

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