• For Sale
  • 2022
  • N35RR
  • T202107028
  • Melbourne, FL USA

379995 $379,995 USD

Tarragon USA

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  • For Sale
  • 2022
  • N35RR
  • T202107028
  • Melbourne, FL USA

Tarragon USA


General Specs (cont.)




740 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

NEW HIGH PERFORMANCE SUPER TARRAGON. Loaded! Newest entry in FAA's Light Sport Category featured at Sun 'n Fun, Oshkosh and AOPA online. 200 kts, , 1500 fpm climb, FL250 service ceiling, with 1000 nm range. Unrestricted E/AB airworthiness, not restricted Exhibition. Factory built with all carbon fiber construction, 17 G single wing spar, and +9/-6 G aerobatic limits. Dyno-tuned 170 hp Edge Performance turbocharged/intercooled/EFI Rotax has more power than the Rotax 916iS and 39 lbs lighter. Composite MT constant speed prop. Full IFR certified Garmin flight decks with (5) WAAS/GPS, wireless Flight Stream 510 & Garmin Connext, built-in oxygen, custom leather interior and paint. 1700 lb GW and 740 lb useful load. Ready for immediate delivery in advance of price increase ($415,000) and 1 year delivery.

Avionics / Equipment

Air Data/Attitude/Heading Reference System: Garmin GSU 25C
PFD/MFD #1: Garmin GDU 460 10.6" G3X Touch AHRS/WAAS/GPS/SVT
PFD/MFD #2: Garmin GDU 450 7" G3X Touch AHRS/WAAS/GPS/SVT
IFR Navigator: Garmin GNX 375 AHRS/GPS/WAAS
ADS-B in/out transponder: Garmin GNX 375 w/traffic and weather
Standby MFD/ADI: Dual GI-275 AHRS/WAAS/GPS SVT/Smartglide
CAN Bus: Garmin GEA 24
Comms: Dual Garmin GTR 20s
Remote Compass: Garmin GMU 44 and GMU 22
Pitot/Static: Garmin GAP 26 AOA/Pitot Boom Probe heated/regulated
OAT Probe: GTP 59
Terrain: E TAWS Enhanced Terrain Audio/Visual avoidance system
Intercom: Garmin G3X integrated Intercom - dual LEMO plugs
Charts: Garmin FlightCharts and Safe Taxi
Auto Pilot: Enhanced Garmin 500 Digital Autopilot w/electric trim featuring fully coupled approaches w/Vertical Guidance, TOGA, Electronic Stability Protection ESP, Check & Automated Descent Mode, Stall and Over-speed Protection, Flight Director, Flight Path Marker and SmartGlide.
Aithre/G3X Electronic Carbon Monoxide Detector
Audio Panel: Garmin GMA 245R for G3X with Bluetooth
Individual battery backups to all instruments
USB Dataports (4): Garmin GSB 15 with USB charging
ELT: ACK 406/121.5mhz E-04 FAA TSO triggered by BRS pull
Wireless connectivity with Garmin FlightStream 510 and Bluetooth Connext provides Air Data/Attitude/Heading Reference System data to iPads running Garmin Pilot emulating a Garmin G1000 for seamless integration of the Garmin Flight Deck.
Mountain High EDS-2ip Pulse Demand Oxygen w/Kevlar bottle
Galaxy GRS 6/600 Ballistic Rescue System w/optional co-pilot handle
Canopy: UV tinted high optic PMMA (acrylic) w/anti-fog vents
Hands-0n Throttle & Stick Control w/Ray Allen G407 multifunction grips
Optional high capacity alternator for total of 3 alternators
Dual EarthX Lithium airframe batteries for IFR redundancy
Backup battery: TCW Tech IBBS12V-3AH
Aveo Powerburst Daylite LED strobe/NAV/position wingtip lighting
Aveo Posistrove Daylite LED tail strobe/NAV light
Aveo Exceleron Daylite LED landing light
Aveo cabin air vents (4)
Optional hydraulic gear
Berlinger wheels and brakes
Optional 4-point safety harness with quick release
Cabin heat


Aerobatic +9/-6 G's with its All carbon fiber construction with single one piece spar tested to 17 G's. Operational limits +9/-6 G's. Hydraulic gear. Vortex generators. 45 kt stall.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Race built Dyno-tuned 170 hp Edge Performance turbocharged/intercooled EFI/FADEC Rotax with Garmin Digital Engine and Fuel Monitoring.

Interior / Exterior

Exterior: Custom order paint: Glacial White, McLaren Burnt Orange, Mercedes Silver Grey, Asia Dark Blue, Black accents.

Interior: Tandem seating with optional Mango full leather interior with contrasting diamond pattern black stitching. Black carpets with matching trim. Interior/Exterior Ambient Convenience Lighting


Ducted and dedicated ram air cooling to intercooler, oil cooler, radiator, w/forced air intake. Wind tunnel tested Race Louver side heat extractors. Battery tender. Oil quick drain. EFB RAM mount.