• For Sale
  • 1966
  • N106NA
  • 32-704
  • San Carlos, CA USA

209900 $209,900 USD

USA Aircraft Brokers Inc - Sean Gregory

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    • For Sale
    • 1966
    • PIPER CHEROKEE 6/260
    • N106NA
    • 32-704
    • San Carlos, CA USA

    USA Aircraft Brokers Inc - Sean Gregory

    Sean Gregory

    General Specs (cont.)


    150 SMOH

    246 SMOH



    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    New to the market we have a 1966 Piper Cherokee Six, PA-32-260.  Located at San Carlos airport just south of San Francisco this aircraft has a super low time engine with just 150 hours since major overhaul. Engine was overhauled in January of 2020 by Airworks LLC. It has a beautiful paint job and an even better upgraded panel to go with it.  The aircraft is ready to fly away with its recent annual inspection in February of 2022. Speed mods done by Knots 2U. Flap/stabilizer gap seals keep this airplane running fast. Wing Spar AD complied with in July 2021.  Missing the number 1 airframe log. Logs start in 1973.  Compressions:  79,80,78,79,80,79

    Avionics / Equipment

    Garmin GTN 750 
    Integrated Flight Stream 510 with Blue Tooth / Wifi
    Garmin GTX 345 Transponder 
    Garmin G5 ADI 
    Garmin G5 HSI
    Narco MK12E
    Stratus USB Ports
    JPI EDM 930 Engine Monitor
    Original Auto Pilot Coupled with GTN 750 


    Make:  Piper
    Model:  Cherokee Six PA-32-260
    Registration:  N106NA
    Serial:  32-704
    AFTT:  3378

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    # of Engines:  1
    SMOH:  150
    Manufacture:  Lycoming
    Model:  O-540E4c5ce4b5
    Serial:  L-12975-40
    TBO:  2000
    Overhaul Date:  January 2020
    Overhaul Shop:  Airworks LLC
    Compressions:  79,80,78,79,80,79
    Propeller Details:
    Manufacture:  Hartzell
    Model:  MN-C3YR-1RF
    Serial:  PA1635B
    3 of Blades:  3
    SPOH:  246
    Overhaul Date:  October 2019

    Interior / Exterior

    7 out of 10
    8 out of 10


    Maintenance Details:
    Annual Inspection:  FEB 2022
    Engine Overhaul Date:  January 2020
    Propeller Overhaul Date:  October 2019
    SMOH:  150
    SPOH:  246
    Wing Spar AD, EDDY Current Inspection AD 2020-26-16:  July 22nd 2021
    ELT Battery Due:  FEB 2024
    Missing number one airframe log book. Logs start in 1973.
    Compressions:  79,80,78,79,80,79
    Additional Info:
    Speed Mods
    Flap gap seals
    Stabilizer gap seals 
    Installed by Knots 2U