• For Sale
  • 1967
  • 4118W
  • 32-40181
  • Knox, IN USA

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  • For Sale
  • 1967
  • 4118W
  • 32-40181
  • Knox, IN USA

General Specs (cont.)


1363 SMOH

405 SNEW

1510 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

SOLD - Rare 7 seat plane with Garmin avionics, modern paint scheme and very clean interior. This plane has more useful load than light twins. Flew over 2000 mile cross country over the Rocky Mountains. (Please watch the video of the plane to see how it flies)

Avionics / Equipment

6 place intercom
Airspeed indicator with true airspeed
Avionics Master Switch
Bendix King CDI with Glideslope
Garmin CDI with Glideslope
Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B In and Out Transponder
ICOM back up COMM radio
KX 155 NAV/COMM radio
PMA 7000B audio panel


12-volt Auxiliary Power Supply (cigarette lighter style for charging GPS, iPad, iPhones, etc.)
3 point seat belts
Beacon Light
Cabin heat
Dual Push-to-Talk Switches
Fresh Air Vent Control
Front Side Opening Window
JPI EDM-830 Advanced Digital Engine Analyzer
Pitot Heat

Engines / Mods / Prop

Lycoming fuel injected IO540 300HP 6 cylinder
Hartzell 3 blade propeller


We flew this Cherokee over 2000 miles cross country up and over the Rocky Mountains. It flew very nice with my daughter sleeping in the comfortable back seat. That long of a cross country is a testament to the capability of any plane. Cherokee 6-300 is a very capable, high performance airplane yet simple to fly. You can take off and land in very short runways or grass strips.
We have a video that nicely describes the details of the plane you can find it in the tab above the photos or on our website aerolifeaviation.com
This is a Cherokee 6 with rare 7 passenger seating, more desirable 300HP engine and upgraded 3 blade propeller which gives better performance.
Very clean airplane. No accident history. All logs since new. IFR certified. Updated avionics.
This plane is an amazing load hauler. Useful load is 1510 lbs. Even with full fuel you have over 1000 lbs for passengers and baggage. It can carry more weight than most light twins.
(Please watch the full video to see details and how the plane flies. It is a good video to learn about Cherokee 6)

Cherokee 6 has one of the largest cabin spaces for a single.149 cubic feet. Large baggage doors are 3 ft wide. All 5 rear seats can be removed or installed in 3 minutes. No tools needed. Lightweight and anyone can do it. (please see the video)

Exterior is in very nice condition. No damages or hail. A newer paint scheme with white and metallic blue makes it look like a modern plane. I noticed a few touch-up spots and tail plastic corners have hairline cracks in just the paint. These are hardly noticeable but we like to mention anything we notice. Overall it is in beautiful condition.

The interior is very clean. It is hard to find this clean interior for the year. All the plastic is in great condition. Clean seats. I really like these seats because during our long cross country trip it was comfortable. Good ventilation and heat works very well. Interior condition of a plane tells us a lot about how the previous owner kept and maintained the plane.

Useful avionics package. Garmin 430 WAAS with dual CDI's so you can fly any IFR approaches. In the video, you will see how stable the plane is on a precision ILS approach.  Updated  PMA 7000b audio panel with 6 place intercom. Garmin GTX 345 is the most expensive ADS-B In and Out solution which costs over $7000. Not only you can fly in any airspace or to any airports, you have free traffic and weather to your tablets / mobiles with the 345's Bluetooth connection. Three digital radios. 
We have installed an advanced digital engine monitor: JPI 830. It provides all engine information including individual cylinder temperatures. It provides a lot more useful information than the factory gauges. This is very useful to have in any airplane. You can save fuel, troubleshoot, and get a longer engine life with the monitor.

Engine is a Lycoming IO540 fuel injected 300 HP with very good compressions. Runs very well. We did maintenance and upgrades. New spark plugs, balanced GAMI fuel injectors, alternator, mag, fuel pump. I like the upgraded 3 blade propeller and the performance difference it provides. If I remember correctly it cost around $12,000 for the upgrade. 

Around 1000 mile range, large useful load, 7 passenger seating, and large cargo space. Easy to fly, low insurance and maintenance cost. No other plane can do all these at this price range. (The only competitor is Cessna 207 but at a much higher price point.) Overall a nice, versatile plane.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Please watch the video for more details (you can find it in the tab above the photos or on our website aerolifeaviation.com)

5 things we do:
1. Arrange a prebuy with a local mechanic or accommodate yours
2. Transport anywhere in USA for low cost
3. Arrange to look at it on weekends also - if you schedule ahead
4. Provide free 5-hour training with CFI if you need
5. Help you find financing & insurance