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  • 1952 PIPER PA-18 SUPER CUB

    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 1952
    • N1611A
    • 18-1251
    • Doylestown, PA USA


    Call for Price

    Wetzel Aviation
    • (303) 468-4800
    • Wyatt Ewing

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    Call for Price

    General Specs (cont.)


    125 SMOH





    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    1952 Piper PA-18 Super Cub, Less Than 130 Hours Since Total Restoration, Spectacular Restoration and Cub Crafters STC’s, Amazing Condition and Performance.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Becker 6201 Transceiver
    Becker 4401 Transponder
    PSE PM 3000 Intercom with Audio In 
    Throttle PTT
    ACK A30.5 Encoder
    RC Allen Arti cial Horizon
    Sigma Tech DG with Heading Bug
    Electric Turn Coordinator
    Century Instruments Airspeed Indicator 
    Century Instruments Tachometer
    JPI Fuel Scan 450 Fuel Computer 
    Century Instruments Volt/Amp Meter 
    Rapco Vacuum System with Gauge 
    Century Instruments OP/OT/CHT
    Forward and Rear Jacks 
    Waltham 8 Day Clock
    (2) 12VDC Power Plugs 
    (2) Red/White LED Map 
    ACK 406MHz ELT 
    EGT/CHT/OAT Tri-Gauge


    Airframe Total Hours - 2892
    Total Recover and Refinish - 125 Hours 
    Cub Crafters Gross Wt Increase - 2000 LBS 
    Rear Seat Heat - Atlee Dodge STC 
    Defroster - Atlee Dodge STC
    Engine Cowl and Nose Bowl - Univair, PMA/STC
    Overall White with Red Accents
    Float Fittings Welded On - Atlee Dodge STC
    Sealed HD Wing Lift Struts - Atlee Dodge STC
    Vented Fuel Caps/Top Deck X Brace/Seat Belt Attach -Atlee Dodge STC.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Lycoming O-320-B2B, 150/160 HP
    WAG-AERO 150 / Cub Crafters 160 HP STC 
    125 SMOH / 2047 SNEW
    Engine Mounts Replaced 2012 Univair PMA
    Gascolator - Dakota Cub / Overhauled Carb 
    McCauley 8244 Borer Prop - Cub Crafters 
    Univair PMA Spinner
    Quick Drain Engine Oil - Saf-Air
    Sky-TEC Starter - Professional Pilot’s STC
    Challenger Air Filter - Challenger Aviation
    Sutton Exhaust With Extension - Professional Pilot’s STC Rear Mount Oil Cooler - Professional Pilot’s STC
    40 AMP Alternator/Regulator - B&C STC
    Spin On Oil Filter - ECI-AEL 22772-1 PMA

    Interior / Exterior

    2012 Restoration by Lawson Aero, LLC


    2012 Restoration by Lawson Aero, LLC in Afton, Wyoming.
    Photo in July 1977 National Geographic. 
    Updated Flight Manual.
    Aluminum Stamped Ribs for Dakota Cub Fuel Tanks.
    Fuel System No Header Tank 
    4-Way Fuel Valve
    Welded Fuel Steps
    Heavy Duty Brake Booster Kit
    Side Access Baggage Door 
    Extended Baggage With Cargo Net
    Metal Headliner
    Seat Belts And Safety Inertia Reels
    Deluxe Seat Cushions
    Window Latch
    Landing Gear 3 Inch Extension With Cables
    2 x 24 Gallon Fuel Tanks - Dakota Cub
    Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
    Boot Cowl w/ Stainless Steel Firewall - Atlee Dodge PMA/STC
    Wing Tip Strobe and Nav Lights - Whelen
    LED Pulse Landing Lights
    Battery Modi cation Under Front Seat - Atlee Dodge
    Fuel Sight Gauges - Dakota Cub
    Engine Baf es - Airforms, Inc
    Air/Oil Separator - M20
    Removable Instrument Panel - Atlee Dodge
    Tinted Windows & Skylight, ALL Windows New at Restoration