1957 PIPER PA-18A

  • For Sale
  • 1957
  • PIPER PA-18A
  • 7469D
  • 18-5800
  • Lower 48 currently on East Coast USA

169000 $169,000 USD

Stuart Felberg

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  • For Sale
  • 1957
  • PIPER PA-18A
  • 7469D
  • 18-5800
  • Lower 48 currently on East Coast USA

Stuart Felberg

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Detailed Description

FOR SALE         1957 PA-18A   169K$

I have for sale what I believe is the best certified PA18 anyplace.  As close to a New Certified Super Cub as can be bought. Built in 2020 with more Craftsmanship and Detail  than could be had from the factory. A ground up Restoration with almost all New Parts.  All used parts perfect.  Not a dented rib, absolutely straight, well fitted and rigged.  Empty weight 1114.  Excellent performer..   

33  STC's,         
3 Field Approvals,      
Numerous Minor Alterations.        

Engine:   60 SMOH in 2020 with new parts, Ly-Con  160 conversion. Has been flown regularly and been  
                on a Black Max Engine Dehydrator since construction. 

Airframe:       60 Hours Since Airframe Overhaul          2020
                       60 Hours since New Poly Fibre cover     2020
                       Fuselage built by Rocky Mountain Airframes.  (builder of PMA cub airframes) now owned by   
                       Univair.  Airframe and parts painted with Epoxy Primer. 

New light weight Sky Tec starter,
New B&C Generator, gear driven
Oil Cooler
Oil Filter
Oil Quick Drain
New Engine Baffling
Oil Water Separator
fire seal protection as appropriate
Propellor McCauley 82-44  (Borer Prop)
Aircraft total time is 1443

B&C vacuum pad mounted  gear driven alternator regulated by B&C 
LR3-14 linear regulator
Earth Ex model ETX 36C under front seat 

Ly-Con 160HP Conversion
Cross Winds engine and Prop installation
Steve's  Gascolator
Casper Labs Oil Filter adapter
Sutton Exhaust
Trig TT-22 with AN-70 ADS-B
Electronics International 2 14" Instruments: including:  Oil Pressure/Temp, EGT/CHT, 
Fuel Flow Totalizer, Tach, Volt/Amp,   Garmin G-5, 660 GPS
Max Pulse Landing Light Flasher

Cub Crafter extended Baggage
Cub Crafter Brake Boosters
Cub Crafters Headerless Fuel System
Cub Crafters:   Tire STC including 26 " Bushwheels,  and  8:50 tires
Alaska Bush Wheels 26"
Sea Planes North 10" Wheel Adaptors Extended Baggage
29 x 11x 10 Airhawk tires

F Atlee Dodge:  Floor frame mounted seat belt Attach Brackets,  
Landing Gear Long Step,  
Eastwing Ax,   
Float Fittings , 
Removable Cross Bar,    
Spar Reinforcing Brackets,     
Safety Cables,    
Fueling Steps L&R,  
HD 3" Extended Gear,    
Tie Down Brackets
Folding front seat
Lifting Eyes
Vertical Fin
Dans Aircraft Under Seat Battery Box 
180 Lbs Baggage Area including Third Seat Option
Poly Fiber Covering and Coatings
Micro Vortex Generators

Minor Alterations, 
Atlee Dodge Ax, 
Removal of left window post. full sliding left window.
Garmin G-5 
Addition of outboard fuel tank quick drains to drain water when parked on a slant or on floats
Fishing rod tube
Fresh Air Intake

Rear baggage access door
Icom IC 200
PS Engineering Intercom

VHF antenna
460 ELT GPS located by Garmin G5
Univair Life Time Struts and Fork 
Engine mount Bushings
Spinner Assembly
Horizontal Stabilizer set
Door and Windshield Trim
Pawnee Tail Spring
SIRS Compass
Lightweight Skytech Starter
Alternator, BC, Vacuum Pad Driven
Regulator LR3C-14
All Hardware
Fuel and Oil lines aluminum and hose
AN fittings
Nut Plates and Aluminum Backing for Inspection Covers
All circuit Breakers and Wiring
Push/Pull Cables and Flight Control Cables
Plexiglass and Windshield
BrakeLines  SS Stratoflex
Landing and Taxi Lights
Battery Earth X ETX 36C
Strobes Aero Flash
Airhawk 29-11-10 Tires Buffed
Oil CoolerAero Classic  Large Capacity
Garmin G-5 Attitude Display
Altimeter Winter Instruments 2 1/4" TSO
Air Speed Indicator
Shoulder Harness Hooker reel Mounted TSO
Boot Cowl Fabricated using Clyde Smith SS Firewall
Cub Crafter Map Pocket
Ax installed on right Gear per Atlee Dodge instructions
New Baffells, partial fabrication required'
Antennas, Comm/GPS/Transponder
Fishing Rod Tube
Left Forward Slider Window Post Removed
Cub Crafters  Under Rear Seat Storage
Stick Control Lock
Bearing Pulleys i

Avionics / Equipment

Trig TT-22 and An70 ADS B
Icom 200
P&S Engineering intercom
406 ELT with GPS input
All new Electronics Engineering 2 21/4" gauges including fuel totalizer
SIS compass
Flashing LED landing lights
LED strobes

Garmin G-5 and 660 GPS


airframe total time 1470
airframe time since restoration 60 hours
airframe time since cover 60 hours
Fuselage Epoxy coated
most of the cowling is new
Boot cowl built with New Stainless Firewall 
New Baffeling
New wiring
Sutton Exhaust
New Floor
Cub Crafter Brake mods STC'd
extended baggage
modified fuel system
New Windshield and glass
29x11x10 Wheel and tire conversion by Sea Plane North STC
All new cables
New panel Electronics International 2 21/4" Gauges including fuel flow Trig TT22 ADSB
strobes flashiness landing lights
406 ELT with GPS position
shoulder harnesses
Garmin G-5 & 660
SIS compass
P&S Engineering Intercom
Icom 200
HD Atlee Dodge 3" Gear
Atlee FWD spar reinforcement doublers
Spar mounted tie downs.   
Lifting Eyes
folding front seat
removable cross bar
welded float fittings
floormounted seat belt attachment
safety cables
Defroster, fresh air into cabin
Earth Ex Light Weight Battery
Dans STC'd under front seat battery box

Engines / Mods / Prop

60 SMOH Ly-Con 160 HP Conversion
B&C gear DRiven light weight Alternator
Light Weight Sky Tech startle
New Baffeling New high capacity oil cooler
Sutton Exhaust
Borer Prop
air oil seperator
Steves Gascolator
Borer Prop 82-44

Interior / Exterior

Folding front seat 
Under front seat Earth EX battery
Under rear seat Cub Crafters storage
Cub Crafters extended baggage
fishing pole tube
New windshield and glass
New wiring, fuel lines, ss stratoflex brake lines
rear baggage acess door
Third seat conversion
180 lb baggage


As good a Pa-18 as you will find anyplace.
It is a first class quality reconstruction
It is a Pa-18A
Excellent performer