• For Sale
  • 1978
  • N47761
  • 28R-7803012
  • Las Vegas, NV USA

119900 $119,900 USD


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    • For Sale
    • 1978
    • N47761
    • 28R-7803012
    • Las Vegas, NV USA


    Kevin McCray

    General Specs (cont.)


    966 SMOH

    530 SPOH

    1002 lb




    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    Loaded Turbo Arrow with Aspen 1000 w/SVT, Garmin GNS-430Ws, GTX-345 ADS-B, 406 ELT, JPI 830, AIR, FRESH ANNUAL with SALE, All Logs!

    Avionics / Equipment

    Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel w/Marker Beacon, Intercom & Music Input
    Garmin GNS-430W ILS/Nav/Com #1	
    Garmin GNS-430W ILS/Nav/Com #2	 
    Garmin GI-106A CDI w/Glideslope	
    Garmin GTX-345 ADS-B Transponder*
    Garmin GA-35 WAAS Antenna	
    Back-Up Horizon                                    	
    ACR/Artex ME406 ELT      		
    ASPEN EFD-1000 Pro Max PFD w/SVT
    Piper (Century) Auto Control IIIB Autopilot	
    JPI EDM-830 EMS & Fuel Flow
    BFG WX-900 Storm Scope		
    RC Allen Digital AI & Slip Indicator	
    Vertical Card Compass  		
    Electric Pitch Trim on Pilot Yoke
    Push-To-Talk Buttons on Yokes	
    Avionics Master Switch		
    Glide Slope 		
    DAC GDC-31 GPSS Roll Converter	
    Transcal SSD-120-30N-R5232 Encoder
    *Garmin 345 Features SVT, Unlock, AOA 
    4-Place Headset Jacks
    Quartz Clock			
    Pitot Heat      			                	              	 	
    Polished Spinner Cone  		
    Anti-Collision Light
    Landing & Nav Lights		
    LoPresti Speed Wheel Caps 				
    Instrument & Overhead Lights	
    A/C Door Status Light
    Oil Cooler			
    Optional Primer System		
    Electric Elevator Trim on Pilot CW	
    USB Port					
    Cabin Heat/Defrost	 	
    Recording Tachometer    			
    Parking Brake			
    Datcon Hour Meter					                                                                                     
    Courtesy Step & Handle		
    Wing & Tail Tie Down Rings		
    Alternate Air			
    Radio & Panel Light Dimmers						 
    Over Boost/Oil/Alt Lights		
    Aux Fuel Light	
    Stainless Cowl Fasteners		
    Stall Warn System
    Brackertt Induction Air Filter 		
    Throttle Friction Lock
    Wingtip Strobes			
    Pilot Side Storm Window
    OAT Probe & Indicator		
    Head Rests
    Shoulder Harnesses


    ANNUAL DUE NOV 2020	                                                                         IFR CERTIFICATION DUE JAN 2022                                                                                   ELT  Battery Due  OCT 2023                                                                        
    Complete Logs                                
    Hangared/Based in Las Vegas, NV                       
    72 Gallons Fuel Capacity

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Continental TSIO-360-FCFB(1), Fuel-Injected, 200-HP, 1800-Hour TBO           
    S/N 305449, 2986-TTE, 966-SMOH by Jet Center KDAB (2001 @ 2024-TT)       
    Compression Results: 
    Nov 2019 - 1: 67/80, 2: 70/80, 3: 66/80, 4: 72/80, 5: 66/80, 6: 65/80
    Cylinders Borescoped During NOV 2019 Annual 
    Nov 2018 - 1: 78/80, 2: 78/80, 3: 76/80, 4: 78/80, 5: 75/80, 6: 76/80 
    Hartzell BHCC2YF-1BF, HUB S/N AM1767  2-Blade Constant Speed Prop
    Original Prop, 530-SPOH by Sensenich ( 2006 at 2457 Tach)

    Interior / Exterior

    Interior: Mocha Leather Interior by Spruce Creek Designs, Matching Carpet & Trim, Rated 7/10
    Exterior: Matterhorn White Base, Dark Blue Lower Fuselage, Maroon & Gold Stripes, Rated 9/10


    2020: SB 1345 C/W (June 18, 2020) - Eddy Current Inspection of the Two Outermost Main Spar Attach Bolts on the Lower Cap of the Main Spars on the Forward & Aft Sides of the Spar Web. Inspection by NDT of Ontario, CA. New Attach Bolts & Hardware Installed. Aspend EFD-1000 Installed; C/W AD 2020-16-08 Per ASPEN SB 2020-02, Revision A. Upgrade 4, 2.10 Software to Map Version 2.10.2 & IOP Version 2.2.1 Using Micro 3D Upgrader Card. Installed AOA Unlock Software Per STC 10822SC & Aspen Tech Note 2015-01 In Order for Aspen to Display AOA.  
    2019: AD 2013-02-13 - Inspection of the Horizontal Control System Cables & Components for Cracks, Corrosion or Cable Fraying, by Visual Inspection. No Defects at 2947-TTAF. Next Inspection Due by NOV 1, 2026 or at 4947-TTAF, Whichever Comes First. CYLINDERS BORESCOPED, OIL ANALYSIS REPORT by BLACKSTONE.  
    2017: Fuel, Oil & Hydraulic Hoses Replaced. 
    2016: Garmin GTX-345 Transponder Installed (ADS-B In & Out). 
    2015: New Concorde Ship Battery Installed.
    2013: Cylinders 1, 2, & 3 Replaced Due to Exhaust Leaks. Overhauled Cylinders from Gibson Aviation (CRS) Installed. AD 2013-02-13 C/W IAW Piper SB 1245A, Stab Turn Buckles Removed, Cleaned. N Corrosion or Cracks Noted. Cables & Terminals Are in Good Condition. Stab Cables Re-Rigged. AD Due Again in 2000 Hours or 7 Years Whichever Comes First. New RAPCO Vacuum Pump Installed. DAC GDC=31 GPSS Roll Converter & United 5934D-1 Altimeter Installed. 
    2012: Gascolator Replaced. 
    2010: Alternator Replaced @ 2057-TTAF. 
    2009: Treated Tail Cone for Corrosion. LoPresti Speed Caps Installed.  Overhead Vent System Replaced & New Interior Plastic Installed.  
    2006: Engine & Prop Removed Due to Metal Contamination. Motor Disassembled, Cleaned & Inspected. Accessory Housing Damage Discovered. Serviceable Parts Installed. Multiple Pieces of Cotter Pin Shavings Were Detected in the Crankcase; Two Thru-bolts & the Starter Adaptor Were Re-Installed Correctly. The Prop Governor Gear, Crankcase, Starter, Fuel Tubes, Alternator, Oil Cooler & Starter Adaptor Were Replaced. Case Halves, Accessory Housing, Cylinders, Fuel System & Sump Re-Assembled With New Main Bearings, Rod Bearings, Rod Bolts, Nuts, Crankshaft & Camshaft Gear Bolts. Repairs by Graham Aircraft Engines (FAA CRS) of Newnan, GA. Prop Disassembled, Serviced, Zyglo Treated, Magnafluxed, Re-Assembled, Angles Set, Tracks Checked & Balanced - Overhaul by Sensenich.       
    2004: Right Mag Replaced with Overhauled Mag. Overhauled Fuel Pump Installed.
    2002: Two New Garmin GNS-430 Units, a Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel, Garmin GTX-327 Transponder & Garmin GI-106A CDI Installed Along With a BFG WX-900 Storm Scope, JPI EDM-830 EMS/FF & Avionics Master Installed.   
    2001: Engine Overhaul at 2024-TT by (ATP) Jet Center of Daytona Beach, FL KDAB. New Motor Mounts Installed. Aircraft Sales of Spruce Creek Installed New Rudder & Serviceable Left Inboard Spar Due to Shipping Damage. Attached Wings to Fuselage, Installed a New Flap, Aileron, Stab, Brake Hoses, Wheel Bearings in Left & New Main Gear Hoses. New Carpet Installed.   
    1999: Incident in CA - US Aviation Underwriters of Pasadena, CA Renders a Total Loss of the Aircraft.
    1997: Prop Overhaul, Blade #1 Replaced.
    1995: Corrosion Treated Rear Spar Fittings Per SB 977.
    1991: Top Overhaul of Engine at 1228-SMOH; Factory Cylinders Installed.
    1990: Engine Repair by Pacific Continental Motors. 
    1989: RH Wingtip Replaced.
    1988: Engine Overhaul by Pacific Coast Engines (FAA CRS) at 1643-TTAE.
    1987: Replaced Ammeter. New Pilot Window Installed.
    1980: Engine Mounts, the Bottom Engine Cowling & Nose Gear Retract Assembly Were Replaced. Nose Gear Doors Were Painted. The Prop Spinner, Shimmy Dampener, Cam & Wheel Assembly Were Also Replaced. There Were No Details in The Aircraft Logs Describing What Happened.   
    Aircraft Primarily Based in CA, GA, NV  
    Elapsed Tach Time at Recent Annual Inspections:
    2015: 2827 Hrs
    2016: 2869 Hrs (42 Hrs Between 2015 & 2016 Inspections)
    2017: 2900 Hrs (31 Hrs)
    2018: 2928 Hrs (28 Hrs)
    2019: 2947 Hrs (19 Hrs)
    2020: 2982 Hrs (35 Hrs)
    The Aircraft is Averaging Just Over 30 Hours per Year.
    No Trades Considered; Serious Inquiries Only Please. FRESH ANNUAL WITH SALE!
    Contact Broker for Logbook Access.
    Specifications Subject to Verification

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