• For Sale
  • 1993
  • N816MD
  • Not Listed
  • Portland Indiana, IN USA

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Rick Owens

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    • For Sale
    • 1993
    • N816MD
    • Not Listed
    • Portland Indiana, IN USA

    Rick Owens


    General Specs (cont.)


    45 SNEW

    386 lb




    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    The sightseer's dream machine! From your seat forward everything is clear. You can see above you, beside you, or below you. Even the floor and instrument panel are clear. It's like being a bird but without getting all the wind in your face, Ready to go. Professionally built and maintained, 1 owner FAA mechanic. Perfect condition show plane. 45 hrs TT. Transportation trailer and new identical black colored floats included.  
    This aircraft was specifically selected and built to be a seaplane from it's very inception. 
    Be sure to click on the "Videos" tab that are a part of this add for more information...

    Avionics / Equipment

    Full electrical system.
    Basic simple flight instruments. Airspeed, Altimeter, Compass, Slip 
    System monitoring: Dual EGT, Water Temp, RPM. Ammeter, Air Pressure, Hobbs meter, and analog clock.
    Hardwired for removable KX-99 radio with switching Nav/Comm antennas. 
    Built in stereo headset jacks for intercom, entertainment, and communications. 
    Input/Output jacks for external flight recorder or stereo music input.
    ACK emergency locator transmitter
    No transponder, electrical system will easily support one.


    Dual stick, standard 3 axis control. Adjustable flaps and trim tab. VFR day or night. Long range wing tanks. Folding wings with quick connectors on all fuel & vent lines.  Cabin heater. Puddle Jumper amphibious floats with 2 button pneumatic gear retract system.  Steerable nose wheel and brake.
    Stall: 28mph w flaps
    33mph w/o flaps
    Max Flap: 65mph
    Cruise: 70mph
    VNE: 100mph
    Take off roll 225ft
    Landing ground roll 130ft
    Service ceiling 15,000
    Gross weight 1060lbs
    Experimental - AB class, currently operating under phase 2 
    Actual Weight: Main left 336lb, Main right 337, Tail 1
    Takeoff rotation at 50-55 mph, climb @ 60 mph
    Water liftoff 12 sec solo, 20 sec gross
    Typical cruise 65-70 mph
    Fuel capacity: 18 gal
    Useful Load 386lb

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Rotax 582, 65hp - High power to weight ratio
    RK Clutch driven Type C 3.47 ratio gearbox (automatically disconnects prop on idle for improved water operations)
    High thrust 3 blade warp drive propeller

    Interior / Exterior

    Special factory paint job from Hays KS, (3) U/V protectant clear coats with wet sanding between coats.
    Accommodates tall pilot and passengers.


    Highway transport trailer included - custom built for plane, non-enclosed and stows under aircraft in hangar when not in use.
    New, never installed identical black floats included (to match black paint scheme).
    There are no FAA AD's on file for the airframe and all known service bulletins for engine and equipment have been addressed throughout it's lifetime by FAA mechanic.  
    Log book, manual, airworthiness certificate and registration included.
    Buyer's condition inspection expected and welcomed.
    Aircraft has been professionally maintained throughout its lifetime.