2022 RANS S-19

  • For Sale
  • 2022
  • RANS S-19
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  • Not Listed
  • Peyton, CO USA

100 $100 USD
per ticket + CC fees.

EAA Chapter 72

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  • For Sale
  • 2022
  • RANS S-19
  • Not Listed
  • Not Listed
  • Peyton, CO USA

EAA Chapter 72

General Specs (cont.)









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Detailed Description

Tickets can be purchased at EAA72Raffle.org.  This site also includes raffle details, pictures and specifications on this plane.  Tickets are $100 each plus the credit card fee and will be available until December 16 with the drawing on December 17, 2022.  Proceeds from the raffle will be used for pilot and A&P scholarships and for a Red Bird simulator for training of students and pilots in the region. The plane is a newly completed RANS S19 Venterra Aircraft E-AB, with new Rotax 912-ULS, new propeller, new dual Dynon D700 instrumentation with autopilot and a Garmin SL40 comm system. Final paint is scheduled for July 2022.

Avionics / Equipment

Avionics include: 
Two Dynon D700 displays, 
Dynon EMS-220 engine monitoring module, 
Dynon ADHRS primary and secondary, 
Dynon roll and pitch servos, 
Dynon AOA/pitot probe, 
Dynon backup battery, 
Dynon Mode-S transponder, 
Dynon GPS-2020 ADS-B  
Garmin SL40 Comm.
See details at www.EAA72Raffle.org.


RANS Inc., S-19
General Characteristics:
* Crew: One
* Materials: Aluminum Construction with Fiberglass Cowling
Capacity: one passenger
* Length: 19 ft 10.75 in (6.0643 m)
* Wingspan: 28 ft 0 in (8.53 m)
* Height: 7 ft 11.5 in (2.426 m)
* Wing area: 126.9 sq ft (11.79 m2)
* Aspect ratio: 6.18:1
Avionics /
* Empty weight: 820 lb (372 kg)
* Gross weight: 1,320 lb (599 kg)
* Fuel capacity: 24 US gallons (91 litres)
See details at www.EAA72Raffle.org.

Engines / Mods / Prop

A factory new Rotax 912-ULS 100 hp engine with RANS engine/exhaust kits, and a Sensenich composite ground adjustable propeller.
See details at www.EAA72Raffle.org.

Interior / Exterior

The interior is gorgeous which there are not enough words for.  See the attached pictures.  The exterior is scheduled to be professionally painted in late June.   The paint scheme is that shown in the rendering picture.  The exterior pictures show the quality of the construction.  See details at www.EAA72Raffle.org.


In 2018, a nearly completed RANS S-19 was offered to EAA Chapter 72 as a gift.  After we got over the shock and pleasure of this gift, we determined the best use of this extremely well built aircraft would be to raffle the aircraft off. The proceeds of this raffle will be dedicated to scholarships for pilot and mechanic training. In addition, our Chapter will acquire a flight simulator for our region's pilots to use for recurrency and advanced training. 

EAA Chapter 72 will raffle off a brand new 2022 RANS S-19.  There will ONLY be 2500 tickets sold for $100 apiece and sales will begin January 1 and end on December 16, 2022, or sooner if the tickets are sold out prior.  The raffle drawing will occur on December 17, 2022 or sooner if all tickets are sold. 
See details at http://www.EAA72Raffle.org