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  • 2003 SEAWIND 3000

    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 2003
    • SEAWIND 3000
    • N6007
    • 97
    • Las Vegas, NV USA


    337000 $337,000 USD

    Ibbotson Aviation

    • (907) 244-8661
    • (907) 244-8660
    • Dean Rickerson

      3705 Arctic Blvd

      # 2579

      Anchorage, AK 99503 USA

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    337000 $337,000 USD

    General Specs (cont.)


    520 SNEW

    520 SNEW






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    2003 SEAWIND 3000, 460hp Twin Turbo, Intercooled, 180kt Cruse @ 55%, Mt Hi Oxygen, 800lb Useful With 110 Gal, 750 kt Range, Retractable Sponsons, Fire Detect, Suppression, Hyd Gear, Flaps, Nosewheel, Angle Of Attack. Dual IFR.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Dual Flight Controls And Avionics
    Dual IFR Instruments - Pilot Side Is Electric, Copilot Side Is Vacume
    Four Nozzle Fire Suppression System
    Five Point Fire Detection System
    Fuel Transfer / Fuel Balance Pumps
    Fuel Crossflow Cut-Off
    Electronics International Fuel Management System
    Mountain High Oxygen System (4 person)
    Large Baggage Compartment –  200Lb+ Depending On W&B Calculation
    Emergency Panel Lights
    Comet Strobe Light System
    Alternating Landing Light Flash For Collision Avoidance
    GMX 200 mfx/KX 55 HSI/S-TEC 50 AP/yaw dampner/Kx 165/155


    -15 To +40 Deg. Flaps – High Speed Cruise @-15Deg.
    Flap Dump Plates – High Pressure Air Separation – Increases Flap Effectiveness
    Deep “V” Double Hull Kevlar With Aluminum Skid Plate
    Aft Hull Double Step – Improves Take Off; Landing Stall Delayed An Additional 3 Degrees; And Lowers Stall Speed 3-4 Knots
    Fore And Aft Bilge Pumps
    Electric Water Rudder On Cam To Increase Deflection Angle
    Wheel Well And Gear Leg Fairings
    Electric Opening Canopy
    Retractable sponsons
    Lightning protection
    High Speed Wingtips
    Both Wings Were Extended 2.25’ Increasing Wing Area By 16 Sq Ft To Accommodate Retractable Sponsons
    Micro Vortex Generators On The Wings, Horizontal Stabilizer And Vertical Tail
    Hydraulic Nose Wheel Steering
    Hydraulic Retractable Landing Gear
    Emergency Hydraulic Hand Pump
    Angle of attack ind
    Dual brakes
    Adjustable reclining Pilot & Co-Pilot seats (nap time)

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Custom Built By Lycon In Visalia, California
    Twin Turbo / Twin Intercooler Lycoming Tio-540 AE2E
    600Hp Limited To 460Hp @ 46” Mp By Turbo Pop Off Valve
    Dual Martec Racing Electric Fuel Pumps + 60 Gph
    Engine Driven Rotary Fuel Pump
    Airwolf Remote Oil Filter System And Oil Breather Recovery System
    Chip Detector In Oil In Oil Pan
    Ceramic coating on internal eng parts/NSI pistons
    Mt 76” Four Blade Variable Pitch “Reversing” Composite Propeller


    Two 36 Gallon Main Tanks And Two 18 Gallon Auxiliary Tanks. Total 108 Gallon Usable.
    Average Fuel Consumption At 35”Mp/2300Rpm At 10000’ And 200Mph Is 20 To 21Gph.
    Useful Load Is 1500 Lb - With Full Fuel Is 800 Lb
    T/O land 1400' water 1600' at gross wt
    Power off stall full flaps-47-50 mph
    Flap range -15Dto +40D