• For Sale
  • 1974
  • N272C
  • 20-01
  • Long Beach, CA USA

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    • For Sale
    • 1974
    • N272C
    • 20-01
    • Long Beach, CA USA


    Michael Blackstone

    General Specs (cont.)


    190 SMOH


    600 lb






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    For your consideration is N272C, a STANDARD CATEGORY - FAA CERTIFIED 1974 SIAI Marchetti SF-260B, bearing serial number 20-01. This aircraft has accumulated just 5,047 hours since its initial manufacturing, averaging around 100 flight hours per year since its inception. Manufactured in Italy by Aermacchi, a new model of this aircraft would cost approximately $1.6 million today, provided you can acquire one.
    Notably, this aircraft is FAA-Certified and falls under the Standard Category, making it non-experimental and legally fit for both private and commercial use. It possesses the unique capability of operating from both improved (paved) and unimproved (dirt or grass) airstrips requiring only 2,500 to 3,000 feet of runway at sea level. This flexibility extends to day or night flights, VFR or IFR conditions, complying with both FAA Part 91 and Part 135 regulations.
    Performance-wise, it can cover distances of 500-600 nautical miles at 165 knots, all while consuming a frugal 15-17 gallons per hour at altitudes ranging from 5,000 to 12,500 feet MSL. Please note that this aircraft lacks any pressurization or air conditioning systems, and oxygen is not mandatory for flights below 12,500 feet MSL, hence no oxygen bottle is required or installed.
    Since 2007, this aircraft has been flown professionally and with care, primarily for personal and business purposes. It has not been utilized for air shows or low-altitude flight demonstrations, maintaining its excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. Strict maintenance practices have preserved our flawless 36-year safety record and ensured an operational reliability rate of 98%.
    In 2018, the aircraft underwent a comprehensive overhaul. The engine was overhauled by Western Skyways in Colorado The Lycoming O-540D4-A5 engine, which currently has only 195 hours of operation out of its 2,000-hour TBO. All accessories were overhauled as well, resulting in exceptional engine performance. The aircraft boasts being fuel-injection and is matched with a Hartzell aluminum 2-blade propeller, generating 260 HP while weighing only 2,430 lbs at MGTW.   
    Cosmetically, it is rated 9/10, featuring an attractive dark gray on light gray camouflage paint job, with the wings refreshed in 2021. The interior and all instruments are in excellent condition.
    Regarding avionics, please note two discrepancies: the S-TEC autopilot is not currently operational but is FAA-approved for installation, and the Bendix/King HSI requires minor repair for localizer tracking, though it does track headings. The Garmin 530 is the only known upgrade to the avionics suite since 2007, with all other instruments operational and reliable.
    Maintenance by in-house IAs ' A&Ps has been consistent since 2007, with the aircraft flown gently for about 40-100 hours annually. Aerobatic flights have remained within safe parameters, with no over-G experiences or deliberate heavy buffeting encounters. The wings and tail feathers are in impeccable condition, showing no signs of abuse.
    The airframe's history is free from damage, except for a minor rudder repair due to contact with an A26 during a hand towing incident in 2019. Otherwise, no damage is observed.
    Several FAA-approved cockpit upgrades are currently installed and will be removed from the aircraft. These include a 5 Gallon smoke system,  (2) Gunsights (1) Air Combat Electronic Tracking System (ETS)  and the 3 Camera HD Camera System.   
    If you seek to own a genuine warbird with a proven track record of strength and reliability, consider acquiring this high-performance 1974 SIAI Marchetti SF-260B fighter aircraft with confidence. You can review the attached Certificate of Evaluation ' Appraisal, conducted by Jason Zilberbrand VREF on August 31, 2023, valuing it at $360,350. I am willing to consider all reasonable offers. If you have not flown a Marchetti SF-260, I highly recommend booking a flight with me. I am confident you will not be disappointed.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Garmin 530 Nav/Com 
    KX-155 Secondary Radio
    Autopilot (S-Tec) (Placarded INOP)
    Bendix/King HSI (Placarded LOC-INOP)
    Garmin Transponder 330/ ADS-B Out


    FAA CERTIFIED Standard Category Aircraft TT 5049.7 hours since being manufactured in Italy in 1974. No Damage History. All logbooks since new.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Lycoming IO-540-D4A5, Fuel-Injected, with no engine modifications, 100% stock 260 HP with stock Hartzell 2 blade aluminum propeller.

    Interior / Exterior

    All original black vinyl interior.


    Aircraft has a fresh annual, and is LEGALLY configured to fly for hire, if desired.  All Proprietary Air Combat USA installed equipment will be removed at the Seller's descretion upon completion of sale. These items include: 1.) Electronic Tracking System (ETS), 2.) 2 Gunsights 3.) Mounting Bar, 4.) HD Camera System, 5.) Smoke Tank. Some items may be purchased at additional cost.