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  • 2008
  • N251RG
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Kevin Bridges

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Avionics / Equipment

Panel is very balanced, pleasing to the eye, and ergonomically comfortable.

-	Full IFR Garmin stack
-       Pitot Static due 10-2020
-	GNC 430W Nav/comm
-	340 audio panel
-	SL40 back up radio
-	327 transponder with mode C altitude encode
-	Full Glass Grand Rapids 2 screen EFIS (Horizon 1) with latest HS High Resolution screens. Includes Arinc 429 module and internal (2nd) GPS with terrain. Includes full/free software upgrades.
-	Highway In The Sky (HITS) synthetic approach system as well as localizer/glideslope needles.
-	Grand Rapids EIS engine monitor system with graphic engine displays including real time CHT/EGT graphs for all 6 cylinders.
-	Fuel Flow monitoring.
-	EIS monitors all engine perimeters. 
-	Infinity stick grips front and rear with momentary flap switch/engine start button/comm swap/control wheel steering/coolie hat with aileron & pitch trim/PTT
-	Pitch trim, Roll trim, and Flap position displays on GRT
-	Back Up instruments include: airspeed, altimeter, vertical card compass, and True Track turn coordinater
-	G Meter
-	True Track Digiflight Full Auto Pilot with GPSS switch for heading/GPS tracking from Garmin 430 or GRT internal GPS
-	Full Circuit breaker protection
-	Mill Spec wiring throughout
-	Avionics Master switch
-	Rear Stick override switch disconnects all rear seat stick components except the push to talk
-	Starter override switch disconnects front and back engine start button
-	Engine start can also be engaged from key switch
-	Hobbs meter
-	Music input for Ipod. Plays through headsets with mute feature
-	Upgraded throttle quadrant is silky smooth
-	Front and rear headset jacks 
-	Rear seat custom stick console with headset jacks, black anodized fresh air vent, stick bootie, and lighted spring loaded (flip flop) 12 volt female accessory connection (isolation switch on pilots console)
-	Full identification and labeling on all controls and switches
-	RG400 double shielded cable used for all antennas
-	Color coded switch panel for quick/easy switch identification


-       Annual due 10/2019
-	Speed Slope Windscreen with Custom teardrop extension at slider intersection
-	Custom fit and cut slider canopy skirts 
-	Custom molded rudder horn fairings
-	Custom polished embedded teardrop cowl hinge pin retainers
-	All surfaces digitally rigged to 0.0 degrees of plans
-	Custom fitted fiberglass wing root fairings with custom air baffles on the underside to prevent ballooning of aft section-	
-      12 lightweight stiffeners added to the inside of the horizontal stab(s) to prevent oil canning. 3 per surface.
-	Special order SPRL fuel caps. Polished to perfection with hand made aluminum ¼ turn locking latches.
-	Heated pitot tube on left wing
-	Wing tie down ring receptacles and rings
-	Gear Leg Stiffeners: full length trailing edge treated 'spruce' diagonally wrapped with 3 layers of 8.7oz fiberglass

Engines / Mods / Prop

-	New Mattituck TMX IO-540 RED GOLD 
-	Engine installation is 100% "show quality"
-       Compressions #1 79 #2 79 #3 78 #4 79 #5 79 #6 78
-	Precision Fuel Injection. 
-	Flow matched and balanced
-	Custom painted engine, gold cases with black cylinders with red accent.
-	Induction tubes, valve covers, engine baffles, exhaust hangars, control cable mounting brackets, etc. all custom powdercoated in complimentary colors to match the airframe
-	Custom dual heat muffs provide extreme heat to the cabin on the coldest of outside temperatures. All flanges were clocked to provide a smooth airflow for the scat tubing.
-	Polished firewall
-	Custom Stainless Exhaust system by Vetterman
-	Slick Mag with impulse coupling on left mag
-	Lightspeed Electronic ignition with crank sensor on right mag
-	90 deg upright oil filter for easy maintenance and quick drain
-	Custom fabricated stainless braided fuel, oil, brake, and manifold hoses throughout
-	13 row oil cooler with custom box mount to firewall (only one in existence on a Rocket). Also has a cabin operated door for controlling the oil temp.
-	Custom Stainless Steel braided fuel, oil, brake, and manifold pressure hoses throughout

-	One of a kind Whirlwind Aviation 400C Rocket Prop. Brand new swept tip/wide chord design 
-	3 bladed composite
-	nickel leading edge protection that also contours the swept tip
-	hollow core
-	Custom designed paint to match the aircraft exterior
-	Custom 15" spinner
-	Rear bulkhead is also finished providing a finished appearance when cowlings are removed
-       Smoking Airplane smoke system

Interior / Exterior

-	Fully primed interior of ALL airframe components
-	Full Custom designed leather interior includes:
-	padded 2 tone side panels with accent stripes
-	full aircraft grade carpet custom made and fit with sewn in borders
-	2 tone leather seats with comfor-foam
-	custom acrylic enamel paint
-	custom ergonomically designed interior panels and throttle/switch panels
-	custom forward rudder pedals with 3.5" extensions to relocate the rudder cables
-	custom rear folding rudder pedals with "ball spring" loading 
-	full firewall insulation
-	aileron stick booties for cold air operation
-	custom padded leather armrests for passenger
-	custom padded leather armrests that double as map pockets for pilot
-	map/pencil/cell phone pockets
-	custom (large) front and rear seat back map/utility pouches
-	fully carpeted and finished baggage compartment
-	rear seat foot wells 
-	powdercoated rudder and brake pedals as well as roll bar, slider frame, front seat back support, etc etc
-	rear seat controls include rudder, stick, and throttle
-	Custom center console
-	2 forward and 1 rear seat black anodized swivel air vents
-	cabin heat control
-	oil cooler flapper door control for oil cooler air distribution
-	Custom pilot entry/exit supports
-	Custom leather control stick booties front and rear
-	Forward and rear controls for slider canopy operation
-	Slider halfway position lock mechanism for solo flight
-	Pleasant Audio 'chime' for master switch 'on' reminder
-	Nav lights
-	Landing Lights
-	Wig Wag Lights
-	Strobe lights
-	Pitot Heat
-	Interior map lighting
-	2 forward and 1 rear 12V accessory plugs
-	black mounting hardware throughout interior
-       elevator bellcrank modification to lighten control pitch sensitivity.



-	Breathtaking in all aspects
-	Meets or exceeds Team Rocket F1 Rocket performance numbers
-	Easily a TRUE 200kt (+) cruise high performance aerobatic aircraft
-	Smokin Hot :^)

Overall Construction:

Built by Multi Grand Champion Award winning builder Rick Gray from Ohio, and built to last.

1 - Sun 'n Fun Grand Champion '09

2 - Mid Atlantic Regional Grand Champion '09

3 - Virginia State Regional Grand Champion '09

4 - Oshkosh Silver Lindy Reserve Grand Champion '09 

5 - Winchester, Va. Grand Champion '09

6 - Mid Eastern Regional Grand Champion (MERFI) '09

7 - South Eastern Regional Grand Champion (SERFI) '09

8 - South Eastern Regional Best All Metal Champion (SERFI) '09

9 - Oshkosh Gold Lindy Grand Champion '10

10 - Mid Eastern Regional Peoples Choice (MERFI) '10

11 - Winchester, Va. Grand Champion '10