• For Sale
  • 2008
  • N923DT
  • 023
  • Tucson, Ryan Airfield KRYN, AZ USA

92000 $92,000 USD

Arthur Duval

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  • For Sale
  • 2008
  • N923DT
  • 023
  • Tucson, Ryan Airfield KRYN, AZ USA

Arthur Duval


General Specs (cont.)


1027 SNEW


800 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

EXPERIMENTAL N923DT, The best description is: Fun, feels like a little fighter, it is fast and economical. Completed in January 2008, with TT1012hrs
You may wonder about the raked back wind screen and what the visibility is like. But, once airborne nearly everyone is pleasantly surprised at how good the visibility actually is.
The seats are very comfortable and lean back to about the same angle as an F-16 seat.
The plane has a stick and uses torque tubes for the ailerons and a push-pull tube for the stabilator, it is very responsive, requires a lite touch, but is also very stable. Gentle turns take a little nudge on the stick to start the roll and another nudge to stop when you get the bank angle you want. Little to no rudder is required.
The plane uses a stabilator and anti-servo tab instead of a conventional horizontal stabilizer, elevator, and trim tab. While N923DT does not have an auto-pilot it can be trimmed to fly hands off.
MGL Avionics Xtreme EMS displays:
	CHT, not sure why the number 1 cylinder is showing 167, it works when the engine is running 	and up to operating temp.
	Timer, Hobbs, Maintenance timer.
	OAT, OP, 	.
	Fuel levels, 
Equipped with an uAvioni skyBeacon ADS-B transmitter, N923DT is ADS-B compliant.
Garmin GMA 340 Audio panel intercom
Garmin GNS 430W with WAAS
Garmin SL 40 second com.
Garmin GTX 327 mode C transponder
An experimental True Map Nav system.
The main landing gear is beefy spring aluminum from Grove Aircraft with 5.00 X 5 tires. It works just fine on grass and up to twenty-five knot cross winds.
Fixed gear ensures no landing gear mishaps, and more affordable insurance, while still breaking the magic 200 mph barrier.  
Free castering nose wheel, steering with the brakes. 
The flaps are manual control by a handle with direct linkage. No electric motors or limit switches to break down. 
All instruments are electric, powered by a Plane Power Alternator, with duel batteries. No vacuum pump to wear out. 
The ignition is duel E-Mag P-114 self powered ignition system with NGK BR 8EIX Iridium spark plugs. No antiquated magnetos to fail.
This plane is the epitome of simplicity and reliability.
For pilots looking for an unmatched combination of speed, range and performance in a safe, sleek, roomy, and affordable, two place aircraft, this is it.
Due to a prop strike in April 2021 the plane has a, new Hartzell constant speed prop, the engine was disassembled , a complete inspection was performed and all parts showing wear were replaced.
Log Books Available to Serious Buyers

Max Speed 230 kts, 264 mph
Cruise Speed 180 kts, 207 mph
Stall full flaps  57 kts / 66 mph @ 2,000 lbs

Full fuel 57 gallons 343 lbs
Range with no reserve 57gal/7.8 GPH = 7.3hr.

Engine XS-IO 360, 180Hp
Penn Yan Aero Superior Millennium 
Propeller Hartzell Constant Speed 

Gross weight 2,000 lbs
Empty weight 1200lb
Useful Load   800lb
Payload, with full fuel, 457 lbs
Baggage Capacity 12 cubic feet

Cabin Width 44(in.)
Cabin Height 37 (in.) 

Height 6.75(ft)
Length 20 (ft)
Wingspan 26(ft)

Wing area 78 (sq. ft)

Wing Loading 28.2(lbs./sq. ft.)

Aspect Ratio 8.7:1
G-load +6 / -6(design)
Number of seats 2

Construction Materials
Fiberglass Composite
Landing gear
Fixed Tri-gear

Actual Flight Data
Date April 21 2022
Hobbs hr 1006.4
Cylinder Head Temp.      #1 356  #2 368  #3 361  #4357
Exhaust Gas Temp.         #1 1414  #2 1382  #3 1403  #4 1394
Gallons per Hour 7.8,  MAP 19.4, RPM 2300, Altitude 10500
Indicated Airspeed 147 Knots,  True Airspeed 177 Knots = 204 MPH
Oil Pressure 73lb,  Oil Temp. 150degrees F Outside Air Temp.	50 degrees F

November 1 2022  Hobbs 1026.6
CHT Temp. #1 359 #2 370  #3 372  #4 366
EGT Temp. #1 1400  #2 1379  #3 1418  #4 1358
GPH 9.2   MAP 21.9  RPM 2450  ALT 8500
IAS 150 kt  TAS 174 kt  Oil Pressure 69 psi Oil Temp 156  Outside 48

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin SL40
Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel
Garmin G5 -Attitude indicator, airspeed, altitude, magnetic heading, slip skid ball and VSI.
EFIS /TRUE MAP/ADS-B Navigation system
Garmin G5
Steam gauge Airspeed indicator and Altimeter  
Stratus ADS_B receiver


Fiberglass composite

Engines / Mods / Prop

Penn Yann Aero Superior Millennium XS-IO-360 180 Hp
Hartzell Constant speed Scimitar