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  • 1984 THORP T18

    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 1984
    • THORP T18
    • Not Listed
    • Not Listed
    • Chicago, IL USA


    59900 $59,900
    Make Offer!

    Chicago Aviation
    • (630) 728-9651
    • Fax: (630) 985-0031
    • Richard Bodee

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    59900 $59,900
    Make Offer!

    General Specs (cont.)



    298 SNEW


    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    1984 Thorp T-18, 180hp, Constant Speed prop, 694TT A&E, 298 Since Teardown and NEW prop, very nice, always hangared, KX155, KLX135A GPS/com, KT76A, Intercom.

    Avionics / Equipment

    ENGINE: LYCOMING 0-360 AID, 180 
    hp, S/N L-1791-36.
    PROPELLER: Hartzell Constant 
    Speed, Model HC-F2YR-IF, S/N 
    The Thorp has always been and is 
    now kept in a heated hanger at the 
    Kenosha, Wisc. Regional Airport 
    (ENW). The first flight took place at 
    ENW on 12-9-1984. After the annual 
    inspection in 1999 by the FBO at 
    ENW the FBO did not tie down the 
    tail before the FBO did their after 
    inspection engine run-up. The tail 
    lifted and the prop struck the 
    ground. The engine was removed 
    and was taken to G&N Aviation in 
    Griffith, Indiana. The engine was 
    disassembled and inspected. The 
    engine was reassembled using 
    new slick mags, new Lamar starter, 
    rebuilt prop governor from 
    Hartzell, new rod and main 
    bearings, new oil pump gears, all 
    new hardware and other 
    miscellaneous parts. The engine 
    was painted red and dynoed. The 
    engine was installed on the Thorp 
    with new Lord mounts and bolts. At 
    this time a new Hartzell constant 
    speed prop was installed. Total 
    time on the Airframe was 398.0 hrs. 
    at this time.
    1. Total Time 694.4 hours airframe
    2. Total Time SMOH O-360 180 HP 
    694.4, 298.4 Since Tear Down due 
    to prop strike
    3. Total Time on prop since NEW 
    298.4 hours
    4. KT76A transponder, 24 month 
    thru 6-17-2-18
    5. KX155 navcom
    6. KLX135A GPS/com
    7. Navaid AP-1 wing leveler, tracks 
    8. Intercom, Troll Avionics
    9. Electronics International Engine 
    Analyzer, Model SR-8A, CHT/EGT all 
    10. JPI-450 fuel scan: Gal/Hr., fuel 
    used, fuel remaining.
    11. ELT, Pointer Model 3000.
    12. Wing Tip Strobes and 
    Navigation Lights.
    13. 29 Gal. Main Fuel Tank, 16 Gal. 
    Aux tank.
    14. Annual condition inspection 
    current to 10-05-2016.
    15. Aerobatics permitted by the 
    FAA operating limitations. a) Stalls, 
    Steep turns. b) Aileron Rolls (left & 
    right). Hammer head stall. c) Loops.
    16. Cruises at 195+ MPH IAS at 
    25/2500 power setting. 17. 1034 lbs. 
    empty weight; 1800 lbs. max gross