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  • 2023
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  • Charleston (KDYB), SC USA

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  • For Sale
  • 2023
  • Not Listed
  • Not Listed
  • Charleston (KDYB), SC USA

TL Sport Aircraft

Jennifer Hembree

2054 Edisto Ave

Charleston, SC 29412 USA

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General Specs (cont.)





Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

2023 TL Sparker. TL spent over three years developing the Sparker. Breaking new ground in luxury and performance. The Sparker is the culmination of over 30 years of design excellence. The latest technology in CAD and 3D modeling was utilized to create a truly luxurious platform with amazing visibility and dynamic flight characteristics. Combining these features, and amenities with the latest in avionics, TL created an unparalleled aircraft that satisfies pilots who want an immersive and exhilarating flight experience in a roomy and relaxed cockpit. The Sparker is available for order today! Contact us now to schedule a demo flight in a Sparker with the Rotax 915iS available Fall 2023.

Avionics / Equipment

Full Garmin glass panel with 3 10” G3X displays, Garmin GMC 507 autopilot, Garmin 245R ADSB in and out, Garmin radios, and an option for IFR flight with the Garmin GTN 650 avionics package. An AOA indicator is also incorporated into the G3X system for added warning against stalls.

Additional Equipment:
Internal USB power for charging personal devices. And an Iphone or Mini Ipad holder that slides in and out of the dash to allow for up to 5 screens in the cockpit. Luxury heated leather seats and in cabin heat.

Sparker Design Features/Safety: 
Hydraulic retractable landing gear
Trailing link main gear for robust performance on tarmac and grass fields.
Carbon composite skin technology with Kevlar encased cockpit for added safety
Ergonomic side-stick controls with electronic aileron and elevator trim.
The Sparker offers the Stratos Magnum 601 ballistic recovery chute. The design of the Sparker also incorporates a Kevlar wrapped cockpit. TL has engineered the Stream and the Sparker to have crumple zones not dissimilar to an automobile. The Kevlar keeps the carbon from shattering and the crumple zones help to absorb impact in the unfortunate event of a collision.

Wide and versatile flight envelope. Cruise speeds of 165-175 kts (916iS) with a stall speed of 44 kts and up to 2000 fpm climb. This wide envelope is due in part to the electric slotted fowler flaps which prove very effective at slowing the aircraft down.
Incredible efficiency with an estimated 7 gph fuel burn at cruise. The Sparker was designed with efficiency in mind. The Rotax gives an expected range of 900 to1000 miles depending on the power plant.


Total Time: 0

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine: The Sparker can be ordered with different engine options: Rotax 912ULS, Rotax 915iS and the new 916iS for incredible performance and efficiency.
Propeller: Power Max three blade hydraulic inflight adjustable propeller.

Interior / Exterior

The largest cabin in the UL/LSA category with a  49.5 in. wide cabin that allows for greater comfort even with two larger passengers. It can also accommodate up to a 6’6” pilots. Electric adjustable pedals make it easy to find the perfect fit. 

Number of seats: 2

Baggage Compartment: 
Two luggage compartments with exterior luggage doors. Front is .5 cubic feet and the rear is 24 cubic feet.
To put things into perspective, it can even accommodate two golf bags.


Location (nearest city): Charleston, SC USA (KDYB)
Flight Rules: VFR or IFR equipped

Weight and Balance:
Increased MTOW to 1653 lbs or 750kg. With this new weight limit you will have a no compromise weight and balance sheet. You can accommodate up to two 220lb pilots, full fuel (36 gallons), and the max luggage allowance. An empty weight of around 910 lbs.