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  • VANS RV-9/9A

    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • Not Listed
    • VANS RV-9/9A
    • Not Listed
    • Not Listed
    • Long Island near ISP, NY USA


    40000 $40,000 USD

    • Ken LaMar

    40000 $40,000 USD

    General Specs (cont.)


    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    RV-9A  90+% Complete. $40,000 neg. Easy to Finish. All components needed are incl. Located on Long Island NY near ISP. Please email for more information.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Dual mass flywheel (New)
    Custom cowling
    Airframe constructed as per VANS construction manual
    All aluminum parts etched and primed
    New leather interior (Orndorf)
    Anti-splat nose gear mod
    Angle of attack indicator
    Composite design
    SP2 Breaker and switch panel
    VANS RV9 Airspeed Indicator (New)
    Navaid devices:
    1 axis Autopilot
    Digital altimeter and rate of climb indicators (New)
    Blue Mountain Avionics display (Needs update)
    Apollo GPS Map
    INS422 Marker and VOR indicator - Digital (New)
    Apollo SL10-S Audio panel (New)
    Apollo SL40 Com (New)
    Apollo SL60 GPS Com (New)
    Garmin GTX-320 Transponder (New)
    Flight data system GT-50 (New)
    Electronics International Fuel level gage (New)
    King altitude encoder (New)
    Show Plane powered flap system (New)
    Strobes, landing lights, interior lights etc. (Installed)
    Tools, Clamps, and everything used to build will be included as well.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Quinti Avio Flyspeed prop controller (New)
    3 blade warp drive carbon fiber prop (New)
    Electric constant speed controller (New)
    2.5 Ltr Supercharged Eggenfellner Engine – 0 flight hours
    Generation 4 PSRU (Newest)


    RV-9A Kit# 90015 --- Build started 1990
    90+% Completed – Easy to finish
    All components to complete are included
    Located on Long Island NY near ISP
    Additional pictures available upon request