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189700 $189,700 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 2013
  • 400VP
  • 001
  • Sandersville

Veloce Planes

Jamie Fettig

General Specs (cont.)




1267 lb






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Detailed Description

Want to buy a Cirrus SR22T - but don't want to spend $300k? And still have it be 20 years old?

This is a kit plane, experimental - that is basically like a Cirrus SR20 - 160 ktas on 10 gph at 8,000 ft. 
We can upgrade the engine for $10k. 

Like a Cirrus SR 20 - only better (and we were first).

Fly a Veloce Gen 3 now AND get a New G3 Veloce 400 in 18 months (or 600 in 36 months)
Best of both worlds. 

Buy the 2013 veloce - 160 ktas @ 10 GPH - for $189,700 (IO-390 engine (210 HP) and hartzel prop)
The first prototype generation 3 built by the designer himself (so it flies EXCELLENT)

1200 ft take off and landing. 
1130 lbs useful load
Cockpit the size of SR22 (headroom, legroom, shoulder room, and others)

Then, order one of our new Gen 3 or Veloce 600 planes, and then, when you get your new 400 plane, we will buy it back for $179k - (only 10k to use it for 18 months) as long as it doesn't have more than 250 additional hours on it and is roughly the same shape. (20k for 500 hours)

Plane has 320 hours on it. We can put a new aeropmentum engine in it. Along with updating to Garmin Dual G3x touch screens and autopilot. Price will then be $227k - and go 190 ktas on 15 GPH at 8,000 ft. Car or Av gas. 

Want a brand new Veloce fully loaded, for only $10k more, buy this, put a deposit down on new plane, and then when your plane is ready, we trade you back full value of what you paid, minus $10k for 18 months of use. 

We are bringing it to our build center in Sandersville GA for some upgrades, but will be available for delivery on Sun and Fun 2023. 

We can change out the engine in 6-9 months with aeromomentum 
the new numbers and specs . . . 190 ktas @ 8,000 ft on 15 GPH - 210 ktas at 18,000 ft on 15 GPH
Basically a cirrus SR22T in numbers and size, but faster. 
http://www.Veloceplanes.com/400" class="external_link" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://http://www.Veloceplanes.com/400

Was built and first flown in 2011 - and finally got brazil registration in 2013. So is technically a 2013 - but build started in 2011. 
Plane is in Sandersville GA currently. 
Price is FIRM.  

Would like to find someone who can show the plane for us, and we pay them $500 per person we send to you to show the plane. Plus 1% if someone we send buys. 5% if you get someone to buy. 

Sale will happen through escrow/title company for planes.

Avionics can be upgraded but currently are:
Dual MGL ahrs/display
MGL auto pilot
Garmin 430 for IFR
Garmin intercom and backup radio

This plane is based on plane with over 107+ of the lineage planes flying - with 7 of the exact model flying in Brazil. 
Rich Trickle (designed Pulsar 150 and Kis TR4) designed this, and passed before he brought it to the US. 
So now I am bringing it to the US. Have 3 sold already in the US. 
We want a show plane but have no use for 4 place version ourselves. (we will have the 6 place pressurised twin as the company show plane soon - that does 270 KTS at FL250 @ 22 GPH)

As that is the way Rich Trickle designed it. He wanted a cirrus, couldn't afford it, so made the generation 3 version of his previous 2 planes to keep all the great stuff, and improved it. 
Seats like cirrus, side stick, avionics, interior room, seats, how the doors open, etc. 

See the walk around video here of this actual plane you would be buying. 
https://youtu.be/vdHo1QvuX9c - before we do the avionics and engine swap. 

The log books do not have many entries, as the work was down by the owner/builder and nothing went wrong.

Interested? Message me. 
A ton of information about the plane is at http://www.Veloceplanes.com/400" class="external_link" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://http://www.Veloceplanes.com/400 


PS. My baby I want is the 6 place pressurised twin, http://www.Velcoeplanes.com/600 - we expect to have that prototype flying in few months. We are looking to find someone who wants this 4 person plane, as none of us in the company want the 4 seater ourselves. I had a turbo cirrus and it just wasn't fast enough.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin GNS 430
can upgrade to Dual G3x Glass
MGL screens and ahrs currently, with auto pilot
Garmin Com/radio


Pre-preg composite airframe

Engines / Mods / Prop

IO-390 Lycoming 210 HP certified engine
can upgrade to Aeromomentum 300 HP Turbo engine
Stearna 3 blade composite prop
Io-390 with hartzel prop currently on it.

Interior / Exterior