40000 $40,000 USD

  • For Sale
  • 1930
  • N11210
  • 3393
  • Mesa, AZ USA

Ian Munier

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Detailed Description

WACO RNF that needs finishing, extra engine, extra prop, wings and center section new.

Avionics / Equipment

None at the moment, but provisions have been made for cylinder temperature and 28V connectors.  An air driven generator has been added.


Repair and alteration records back to 1939.  Wings and center section have been replaced. New flying wires from Bronton in Scotland. New nose bowl spinning. Many extra parts.  Worth noting that all parts are here with extras.  Plane has been with current owner since 1974 and been in a hangar since 1977.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Two engines.  Warner 30 and Warner 50.  One engine is completely disassembled and in shipping crates.  Other engine is assembled and mounted to the fuselage.  One carburetor overhauled, one in pieces.  Four magnetos, two of which are completely rebuilt in like-new condition and mounted to the engine and two that are just parts.  There are extra oil pumps, overhauled YT-150 starter with housing for mounting as well as drive jaw.  Two 84" Curtiss Reed propellers, both have been overhauled with yellow tag.

Interior / Exterior

Some of the original interior is in the workshop.  Some new pieces have already been made, including new seats.  Plane is uncovered.  Plane has been assembled and rigged, but is currently disassembled.


Have 40 years of pictures, blueprints, jigs, and parts.
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