155000 $155,000 USD

  • For Sale
  • 2003
  • N522TW
  • 0312407
  • White Plains, NY USA
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This Is A Well-Known, Exceptionally Well Equipped 2003 Yak 52TW Based On The East Coast.

Avionics / Equipment

The front cockpit is equipped with a Dynon Skyview EFIS with integrated multi-mode autopilot, fuel flow computer, moving map, terrain protection, and navigation.  It has a JPI 9-cylinder engine analyzer.  A custom pistol grip with radio transmit and autopilot disengage is installed in the front cockpit.  There are two free buttons still available for other functions.  The rear cockpit has a Dynon D-10A EFIS.


The aircraft has a Japanese Zero paint scheme.  It makes money at airshows and other events.  There is a fantastic opportunity to make good money if the owner is in the NY, Philadelphia, Washington area.  Will provide an introduction.

Engines / Mods / Prop

400 HP, 3 Blade MT Prop. The aircraft has a re-manufactured oil cooler which solved the overheating issues prevalent in many unmodified 52TWs. .  The ignition harness has been replaced with the more reliable US system with American Champion spark plugs.   An engine Clean Kit is installed.  It has an oil shut off value controlled from the cockpit with ignition interrupt for safety.  It also has an oil sump pump installed as part of the kit.  There is an intake value located under front cowl to quickly and easily resolve hydraulic lock-- no need to pull spark plugs.


Smoke system - a customized 9 gal smoke tank is built into the leading edge of the left wing.  Most aircraft have a small 4 gal tank in the rear cockpit which greatly reduces legroom or they use one of the auxiliary fuel tanks which reduces range.  This tank, designed by Cliff Coy, does not interfere in the cockpit nor does it use one of the aux fuel tanks.  Hooker Harnesses - 5 point harness with dual reversed acro lap belts are installed in both cockpits.  This aircraft has always been maintained by the N.E. Yak experts at Mort's Aero in NJ.
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