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A.S. / B.S. in Airline Transport Professional Pilot Operations
Mountain State University offers an aviation bachelors degree program that includes ATPs Airline Career Pilot Program flight training.
-Over 100 Hours Multi-Engine Experience.
-MSU College Coursework.
-ATP Flight Training at ATP Flight Schools Nationwide.
-Approximately 16 Months from Zero Time through Commercial Multi Instrument with CFIs and Advanced Jet Training.
-Affordable Financing, including Federal Student Aid and Many Private Loans for those who qualify.
This program will bring aspiring professional pilots the absolute best value in college education, flight training, and career opportunities.

In just 16 months, you can achieve your commercial pilot certificate and flight instructor certificates to begin earning income in your new career. Finish your college degree coursework and graduate with an airline-respected bachelor's degree in Airline Transport Professional Pilot Operations.

The Airline Transport Professional Pilot Operations degree program prepares students for professional pilot careers as flight crew members with commercial airlines and corporate aviation flight departments. MSU has selected Airline Transport Professionals (ATP), a respected industry leader in professional flight training for over 27 years, to provide flight training for FAA pilot certification.

In addition to general education requirements, the curriculum develops skills in leadership, business, management, communications and aeronautics, including FAA pilot certification:

-Private Pilot
-Commercial Pilot
-Certified Flight Instructor
-Single-Engine, Multi-Engine & Instrument Ratings

Students will have access to the largest multi-engine training fleet, a nationwide network of training centers for flight operations, and career opportunities enhanced by ATP's Regional Jet Standards Certification course. Students train to airline standards from the outset of their flight instruction. Command decision-making, airline-style crew operations, and nationwide flight experience in varying weather, terrain, and ATC environments are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

Graduates of this program will have a competitive edge in the job market with aviation-specific bachelor's degree credentials, substantial multi-engine flight experience, and advanced jet training.

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