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Detailed Description

FAA Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot Flight Training.  ATPs International Professional Pilot Course takes you from zero time to a multi-engine Commercial Instrument Pilot. This program provides you with the most multi-engine flight time in the best aircraft, with the best airline-oriented flight training. This course utilizes the proven curriculum of ATPs Airline Career Pilot Program, which has trained thousands of U.S. airline pilots.

The multi-engine experience gained with ATP will get you more career opportunities than possible with any other flight school in America. The higher level of qualifications this course provides will set you apart from your peers.

-FAA Private Pilot License (PPL)
-FAA Multi-Engine Rating (ME)
-FAA Instrument Rating (IR)
-FAA Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
-255 Hours Total Time - Over 100 Hours Multi-Engine!

Your Flight Training Course Includes:

-Introduction to Professional Aviation Training (IPAT)
-Private Multi, Single & Instrument
-Commercial Multi, Single & Instrument
-Flight Time - Over 100 Hours Multi-PIC
-255 Hours Logged Time
-155 Hours Multi-Engine Time
-55 Hours Multi-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
-50 Hours Multi-Engine Cross-Country
-50 Hours Multi-Engine Simulator (FTD)
-100 Hours Single-Engine Time
-All Classroom & Individual Ground Instruction
-3 FAA Knowledge Tests (PAR, IRA, CAX)
-Aircraft Manuals, Training Syllabus, & Checklists
-All Pre- and Post-Flight Briefings