1987 BELL 206B III

  • For Sale
  • 1987
  • BELL 206B III
  • N63888
  • 3990
  • Hillsboro, OR USA

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  • For Sale
  • 1987
  • BELL 206B III
  • N63888
  • 3990
  • Hillsboro, OR USA

General Specs (cont.)



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Detailed Description

This 1987 Bell Jetranger III has been owned and operated by a highly reputable Part 135 Air Carrier for over a decade. It has been maintained in accordance with Part 135 regulations by a certified 145 repair station. There is no known damage history. Upgraded with a long list of additional equipment and component upgrades, it is multi-mission capable. It comes with a strong Rolls Royce 250-C20B turbine engine, with documented power assurance history. It's fresh off an annual inspection with a freshly overhauled M/R transmission.
Whether you are looking for an aircraft for private use, executive charter, utility or flight training, this helicopter is well equipped and ready for its next mission. 
Contact Hillsboro Aviation for pricing and schedule your visit today.

Avionics / Equipment

Dual KX 155 VHF Radios
Technisonic TDFM 136 FM Radio
Garmin GRA-55
Apollo GPS SL-50
Garmin Radar Altimeter
NAT ICS Dual Intercom
ADSB Compliant


Straight, clean, NO corrosion. No known damage history. 8800~ TT on frame.


High Skids
Rain Gutters
Particle Separator 
Increased Gross Weight Kit
Concord Lead Acid Battery 
Able Tension Torsion Straps
Hydraulic Rotor Brake
Paravion Engine Relight kit
Automatic door openers 
T/R lockout kit
Facet Oil Filter 
Paravion Bleed Air Heater
Van Horn Tail Rotor Blades
Dart Baggage floor protector
Onboard Systems load weight calculator 
Locking Doors
Onboard System Belly Hook 
Paravion External Cargo Mirror
Bristol Aerospace Wire Strike Protection System 
Dual Controls
Tech Tool Bubble external load front windows
 High Visibility Bubble Windows