• For Sale
  • 2003
  • N112FD
  • 3678
  • Ocala, FL USA

1395000 $1,395,000 USD


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    • For Sale
    • 2003
    • EUROCOPTER AS 350B-2
    • N112FD
    • 3678
    • Ocala, FL USA


    Jason Newbold

    General Specs (cont.)






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    Corporate Custom Interior ' Garmin G500 w/SVT ' HeliSAS Autopilot ' No Damage History ' Dual Controls ' RSG Air Conditioning. All mandatory A/Ds and S/Bs will be current with sale.  Maintained to manufacturer's MSRs and FAA FAR Part 135 requirements.  Original and complete records. 12 year/144 month inspection due 2029.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Garmin 500H w/SVT
    Garmin GTN 750H gps/nav/com
    Garmin GTX 345 w/ADS-B out
    Garmin SL 40
    Ryan TCAD
    Garmin GDL 69HA WX Radio
    Radar Altimeter
    Garmin GMA Audio Panel
    Cobham HeliSAS Autopilot
    Shadin Fuel Flow
    ATK Cycle Counter
    Geneva Panel
    Kannard 406 ELT


    Component     Time Remaining 
    M/R Blades 11,581
    M/R Sleeves (upper) 2,581
    M/R Sleeves (lower)  2,581
    Starflex  771
    M/R Head Bolts  2,756
    Spherical Bearings  6,036
    Spherical Bolts  981
    Frequency Adapter  O/C
    Blade Horns  78,381
    M/R Mast  156,242
    M/R Swashplate Bearing  6,036
    Epicyclic Gear Assembly  2,176
    Bevel Reduction Gear 2,176 
    M/R Gearbox Oil Pump 848 
    Cross Beam 3,838 
    M/R Servos 566
    Collective Servo 566
    T/R Servo 2,061
    Hydraulic Belt 1,436
    HYD Pump Bearing 3,181
    Tail Rotor D/S Bearing 3.95*
    Tail Rotor Gear Box -19
    Tail Rotor Spider Bearing 2,636
    Tail Rotor Blade Assem 3,636

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Engine Type: Turbomeca Arriel 1D1 S/N 9900
    Total Time Engine: 7,209
    Engine Components Time Remain
    Module 1 (Acc. G/Box) O/C
    Module 2 (Axial Comp.) 5,952
    Module 3 (Gas Gen.) 2,351
    Module 4 (Free Turb.) 5,951
    Module 5 (Reduction G/Box) 2,351
    Fuel Control 3,231
    Start Drain Valve 1,251
    Bleed Valve O/C
    Free Wheel Assembly 2,351
    Starter/Generator 291
    Engine NG Cycles 6,566
    Engine NF Cycles 5,141

    Interior / Exterior

    Corporate Custom Interior
    Upholstery - White
    Carpet - Loncoin
    Base - Blue
    Accent - Silver/Yellow


    Flight Instrument Group
    Dual Controls
    Corporate Custom Interior
    Gold Plated Seat Buckles
    Rear Shoulder Harness
    Cabin Heat & Demist
    RSG Air Conditioning
    R/H Sliding Door
    Hi-Vis Window & Door
    Dart Flight Steps
    Wire Strike Kit
    FDC Barrier Filter
    Engine Wash Kit
    ECL Baggage Door Mod
    Dart Door Aft Baggage
    Tail Rotor Guard
    Full Length Carbide Skid Shoes
    ECL Blade Tie Down Kit
    Ground Handling Wheels
    Fly Away Kit
    NVG Comp. Upgrades Installed
    24V Dual Overhead Adjustable NVG Comp. Lighting
    Former LASD Ship