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  • 2013
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  • Calgary, AB CAN

6500000 $6,500,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 2013
  • Not Listed
  • Not Listed
  • Calgary, AB CAN

Airside Aviation

516 Hurricane Drive

Calgary, AB T3Z 3S8 CAN

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General Specs (cont.)




Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Brand New Machine! 2013 MD902 Explorer, 0 Hours!

Avionics / Equipment

Four Tube Single Pilot IFR (T-Panel)
Pilot: EADI, EHSI, KAV485 ALT/VSI, Airspeed, KI 206 Autopilot Control Panel, EFIS Control Panel
Copilot: EADI, EHSI, Airspeed, Altitude, IVSI, EFIS Control Panel
Center Panel: KLN 90B GPS, Integrated Instrument Display System (IIDS), KMD 540 MFD, Standby Attitude, VSCS Position Indicator
Center Console: 2x AMS43 Audio Panel, KT 70 Transponder, 2x KX165 COM, KR 87 ADF

Avionics, Avionics Master Switch
Avionics, Emergency Locator Transmitter
Avionics, Magnetic Compass
Avionics, Outside Air Temperature Indicator
Avionics, Three-Axis Autopilot
COM, Copilot Floor-Mounted ICS Switch
COM, Headsets (2), David Clark
Controls, Flight Controls, Dual, Right-Hand Command

System, Battery, Heavy Duty 27-Ampere-Hour
System, Dual Hydraulic Boosted Control System System, Dual Hydraulic Hand Pump
System, Engine Wash Kit
System, External Power Receptacle
System, Gravity Refueling Ports for Main Tank and Aux
System, Main Rotor & Fan Balance Monitoring System System, Rotor Blade Tie Downs
System, Rotor Brake, Right Hand Command
System, Vertical Stabilizer Control System (VSCS)


Airframe, FOD Upper Deck Cover
Airframe, Rain Gutter Set

Fly Away Kit, Ground Base Maintenance Interface Cable Fly Away Kit, Ground Handling Wheels
Fly Away Kit, Jack Pad Installation Kit
Fly Away Kit, Pitot Tube Cover
Fuselage Tub Inspection Panels

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine, 159-Gallon (600 L) Fuel System
Engine, 2x PWC 207E Engines, 640 shp (477 Kw)
Engine, 31 Gallon Aux Fuel Tank
Engine, Engine Barrier Filter
Engine, Engine Fire Suppression System

Interior / Exterior

Interior, Aft Cabin (Baggage) Access Door
Interior, Air Conditioning
Interior, Cabin Soundproofing
Interior, Cabin Stroking Seats (6), 3-Point Harness Interior, Carpet, Cockpit and Cabin
Interior, Cockpit and Cabin 28-Volt Utility Outlets Interior, Cockpit Pneumatic Door Openers
Interior, Cockpit Trim and Carpeting, Gray
Interior, Crew 5-Point Restraining Harnesses
Interior, Crew Station Fire Extinguisher
Interior, Crew Stroking Seats (2), Adjustable
Interior, Extended Entry Skid Step
Interior, Fixed Window, Baggage Door
Interior, Flush-Mounted Cargo Tie-Downs
Interior, Heater/Defogger System
Interior, Keyed Door Locks for All Doors and Access Panels Interior, Medical First-Aid Kit
Interior, One Cabin-Station Intercom Jack
Interior, Passenger Steps, Right and Left Side
Interior, Ram Air Ventilation W/Fan Augmentation Interior, Sliding Cabin and Cockpit Windows
Interior, Tinted Canopy Windows
Interior, Two Sliding Cabin Doors
Interior, Utility Interior
Lighting, Aft (Baggage) Cabin Utility Light
Lighting, Crew Wander Utility and Dome Light
Lighting, Hover and Approach Lights
Lighting, Position Lights and Strobe Lights (2)
Lighting, Two Cabin Threshold Lights
Paint, One Color Standard Paint


Documentation, Airframe Logbook
Documentation, Battery Logbook
Documentation, Engine Logbook
Documentation, Engine Maintenance Manual Documentation, Ground Base Maintenance Computer Software
Documentation, Illustrated Parts Catalog Documentation, RFM Storage and Display Envelope for CofA
Documentation, Rotorcraft Maintenance Manual Documentation, Rotorcraft Pilot Flight Manual