• For Sale
  • 2014
  • N105PS
  • 6507
  • Boise, ID USA

115000 $115,000 USD

Pete Swanstrom

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    • For Sale
    • 2014
    • N105PS
    • 6507
    • Boise, ID USA

    Pete Swanstrom


    General Specs (cont.)


    97 HOURS

    97 HOURS

    593 lb






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    Two-seat, full-performance jet turbine engine helicopter, the JetExec combines proven RotorWay Exec helicopter components with a 165 HP Solar Titan T-62T-32 gas turbine engine.  95 mph cruise, 240 mi range, HIGE at 9,000' elevation, 14,000' flight ceiling.  Smooth-flying, well built, well maintained, with custom enlarged interior (more head room, leg room and seat-width) and all recommended upgrades.

    Avionics / Equipment

    •	XCOM VHF760 Radio/Intercom/Sound
    •	Micro Air T2000 Transponder


    RotorWay Exec 162F

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Solar Titan T-62T-32 Turboshaft

    Interior / Exterior

    Custom enlarged interior with increased headroom, legroom and seat width, will comfortably seat larger pilots.  Sound-dampening firewall.  Streamlined lower turbine engine mount.  White gel-coat fiberglass exterior with fiberglass leg pants is ready for your paint scheme!


    •	RotorWay Exec frame, body and rotor system
    •	KISS Aviation JetExec kit #38
    •	Solar Titan T-62T-32 engine with GAC Governor
    •	1,500 lb MTOW, 907 lb Basic Empty Wt,  593 lb Useful Load
    •	40 Gal Fuel Tank, 14 GPH average fuel consumption, Jet A, K-1 or #1 Diesel
    •	M/R blades painted with bare leading edge, polished, waxed and carefully balanced
    •	Night VFR equipped with LED Landing, Nav and Strobe lights, Instrument and Cabin lights
    •	XCOM VHF760 Radio, Micro Air T2000 Transponder
    •	Improvements include:
            o	Streamlined, lower turbine engine mount
            o	Custom enlarged interior
            o	Sound-dampening firewall
            o	Improved H-Stab for smooth forward cruise
            o	Enhanced T/R authority
            o	Custom light-weight, MR gearbox with improved gears
            o	Improved Rotax C gears and coupler, T/R u-joint
    •	All construction manuals and blueprints, electrical diagrams, approved Maintenance and Inspection Program (no annual), POH, W&B spreadsheet and JetExec Helicopter notes
    •	HTML web-based construction and maintenance info (look it up on your tablet or phone)
    •	Other extras include second spare MRGB with improved gears, fiberglass leg pants, 55 gal fuel drum with 12V Pump and battery, rotor maintenance tools including Tip Tracking LED's.
    More about N105PS here: http://www.swanstrom.net/petes/helicopter/index.htm