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Turbine-powered developments of the Schweizer 300 family, the Schweizer 330 and 333 are light piston-powered helicopter. The 333 has the capacity for 1-2 pilots and 1-3 passengers. The empty weight is 1210 lb (549 kg). The cruise speed is 105 knots (194 km/h) and the rate of climb is 1380 ft/min (7.01 m/s). The helicopter is powered by Rolls Royce 250-C20W turboshaft engine.

Schweizer used the dynamic components, rotors, controls and systems of the Schweizer 300C in the development of the Schweizer 330. However, the 330 featured a redesigned fuselage.

After release of the 330, Schweizer began work on upgrading the dynamic components of the 330SP. The Schweizer 333 featured newly developed dynamic systems components and new-technology rotor blades with a cambered airfoil and a larger diameter. The upgraded 333 benefited with a greater max gross weight, more useful load, more speed, and more hover performance. A kit was created to upgrade Model 330 and 330SP aircraft.

Variant models include the 330, 330SP, 333, MQ-8 Fire Scout, and Schweizer S-434.

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