• For Sale
  • 1981
  • N347M
  • EA-223
  • Flagstaff, AZ USA

439000 $439,000 USD

Todd White

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  • For Sale
  • 1981
  • N347M
  • EA-223
  • Flagstaff, AZ USA

Todd White

Todd White

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Detailed Description

Recently completely refurbished Turboprop Bonanza.  250hrs on the turbine with 4 new wheels, 2900 on the compressor.  Fuel control, gear box, fuel pumps and prop all recently overhauled.  All new wiring & avionics with all of the latest and greatest.  GTN650xi with the GFC500 will provide VNAV, ESP, Blue Button and Smartglide.  Digital fuel senders, window inserts, etc etc.  Takeoff and land in less than 500ft..climb over 2000fpm and reliably fly over 200kts in non oxygen altitudes.  Fly 200kts at 12.5K on 22gph.  Fly at 200kts at 17.5K on 18.5gph.

Avionics / Equipment

• Dual Garmin G5's with GAD-29/OAT for TAS/GS and Smartglide Integration.
• Garmin GTN 650xi #1 WAAS GPS/NAV/COM Coupled with Smartglide.
• Garmin GTR 225 #2 NAV/COM
• Garmin GNX-375 WAAS GPS/ADSB in/out Transponder.
• Garmin GFC-500 Digital Autopilot with ESP, VNAV, YD, SMARTGLIDE, Go-Around logic etc.
• 6 Cies Digital fuel senders and Aerospace logic digital fuel gauge.
• Norton Radar Pod installed and wired. R/T is currently removed and available for buyer to re-install. I am not a fan of flying in imbedded T-storms so I enjoy the weight savings.
• 6 place intercom.
• Panel-mounted USB ports/Rear Cabin USB ports.
• All-electric panel (no vacuum system)
• Custom fabricated, screen-printed, and powder-coated avionics panel
• Aircraft completely rewired during recent avionics upgrade (120lbs Removed).


• Aircraft hangared at Flagstaff(KFLG)/Glendale (KGEU) Arizona
• Always US-based
• Some skin damage in 1983, 4 years prior to turbine conversion. Repaired by Beegles.
• Annual inspection due 3/2023
• IFR certification due 2/2024
• ELT battery due 5/2024
• All FAA AD's in compliance

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine: Rolls Royce M250 B17C: CAE-880624
Compressor: 2969 SNEW. Next life limited component is the impeller in 651 hours.
Turbine: 243.8 SMOH (Standard Aero) with 4 new wheels. 1531.2 remaining until next HSI and 3,306.2 until turbine overhaul. Recently installed the new Turbine and IRAN'd the compressor to make sure it was good to go. This work was accomplished by Euravia North America and included replacing bearings, carbon seals, and some reworks of the turbine section. The engine driven fuel pump/fuel control was overhauled last year as well as both of the electric boost pumps. Everything was re-rigged and initial power checks are showing a +13% motor. The B17C is essentially the same engine that is in the Bell 206 so parts are very plentiful and engine components are modular and easily replaced. There should be no reason to overhaul the complete engine at 3500 hours since most of the components have been replaced/overhauled. I have access to a low time Impeller/Compressor that can be purchased. 651 hours is a lot of time in this plane though. The gearbox, turbine, and fuel control are all low time.

Interior / Exterior

• Matterhorn White, Balboa Blue, Banner Red, Medium Silver. (Murmer).
• Grey leather interior with Blue carpet(100% Wool). Stitched wool on the cockpit seats. (Aeroplus).


This plane is a blast to fly and it is extremely stable, smooth, and quiet. I have owned an M35, TN V35B, A36TC, 58 Baron and C55 Baron. This plane is on a different level in terms of reliability, performance, efficiency, utility, and comfort. The previous owner flew the plane over 5000 hours with no headsets in the back and no built-in oxygen. This is a testament to the uniqueness of this plane. It is very quiet and you do not get punished for flying low with the fuel burn on the M250 B17C. I live at 7300 feet so I will fly my short trips between 10-12K feet. The plane is getting over 200kts, 22.5GPH at this altitude. I recently flew it back from Canada at FL190 and it was doing 200kts at 18.5GPH. It turns out it is more economical than my A36TC since I am going faster, climbing much faster, paying less for gas etc. The engine is much lighter and it has a forward baggage compartment that you can put 140lbs of bags in. The safety of SETP's is proven and I will fly confidently at night over the mountains with this plane. You can outclimb your glide and the glide ratio is great with the feathering prop. (2.2NM per 1000ft when gliding). It is also great to have the ESP, Smartglide and "Blue Button" in case things go south. With TN A36's trading for 400-500K I think this rig provides a great value in todays market especially when coupled with the turmoil surrounding the future of 100LL.