• For Sale
  • 2016
  • B-10SG
  • 208B5295
  • Shijiazhuang CHN

2300000 $2,300,000 USD

Prior Aviation

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    • For Sale
    • 2016
    • B-10SG
    • 208B5295
    • Shijiazhuang CHN

    Prior Aviation

    Xuepeng Tan

    Sunshine City

    Shijiazhuang, Hebei,China

    Shijiazhuang, CHN

    General Specs (cont.)


    315 HOURS

    315 HOURS






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    2016 Cessna 208B Amphibious, total flight time 315 , no damage history, rolled  out the production line in Wichita in 2016, added Amphibious floats before ferried to China delivery center and handed over to the current owner, for commutor flights before the operation paused after 3 years into the service due to marketing and the Covid-19. The owner is now decided not to resume the operation but to sale the aircraft and a large number of parts in stock initially prepared for sustaining the operation at long term.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Garmin G1000 glass cockpit,
    Two PFD and one MFD.
    GMA 1347 Integrated Audio Panel,
    Dual GIA Integrated Processing Unit.
    Dual GDC Garmin Air Data Computer,
    Dual AHRS Attitude and Reference systems.
    KTA 870 Traffic advisory systems,
    KR 87 Bendix/ King ADF with stand alone control,
    Garmin GFC 700 auto flight systems,
    Garmin GWX 70 -4 color digital weather radar,
    KRA 405 B Radar Altimeter,
    Headsets for cabin intercom,
    KHF-1050 High Frequency Transceiver,
    Garmin TAWS-B terrain advisory and warning systems.
    FA2100 CVDR,


    Wipline 8750 amphibious.
    Pratt Whitney PT6A-140 Engine.
    Hartzell 3 bladed reversible propeller.
    Garmin G1000 glass cockpit.
    10-place commuter
    Wipaire Single Point Refuelling systems.
    Laser Landing advisory Systems.
    Air conditioning 
    Complete 17 port Oxygen systems.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Original PT6A-140 Engine, 315 hours since new. No damage records, no modifications, original Hot and cold section records available. The airframe is equipped with ETCM engine trend monitoring and recording systems that automatically record each engine operation and parameters, all data recorded.

    Interior / Exterior

    Original paint,
    Savanna Groups interior.
    10 each Standard Durable Luxury Covering Seats.
    Standard Vinyl Sidewall.
    Standard Vinyl Floor Covering.


    Left the production line in 2016 in Wichita Kansas, added Wipaire 8750 Amphibious floats in Minnesota and then ferried to China before finished the exterior paint work and logos at a Cessna delivery center in Shijiazhuang, northern China and delivered to the current owner for operating commuter flights in Beihai China. Three years into the service when the planes flew just over 300 hours total time each, the operation paused due to the lacking of market demand and the pandemic. These are two identical sister flying machines (production serial numbers are 208B5289&208B5295) had been working closely together, their configurations, lookings, total times and records are all identical. These airplanes then flew back to the current location at Shijiazhuang at afternoon May 11 th 2020 where they were originally delivered, for having a thorough inspection and storage to their original quality. 
    From then on, the airplanes never took off, but hangared and kept carefully per the manuals. Engine runs, life limited parts, annual inspections, AD& SB compliance's all have been undergoing strictly per the manual, engine ground runs have been performed per the manual, and Each run have been filmed ever since arrived the current site two years ago. 
    There is no open squawks, the full documentations and records are available all the way traced to the factory. 
    The owner is now decided to sale them, telephone calls at 8613933070208 are available anytime, if preferred, video call is more than welcomed as well, for presenting more details of these beautiful airplanes. Access to the site for inspection and pre buys are also warmly welcomed.