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  • 2014 SOCATA TBM 900

    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 2014
    • SOCATA TBM 900
    • C-FKRR
    • 1010
    • Groton, CT USA


    Call for Price

    Columbia Aircraft Sales
    • (860) 449-8999
    • (860) 460-0769
    • Fax: (860) 449-9924
    • Melissa Duzguner

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    Call for Price

    General Specs (cont.)


    530 SNEW




    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    2014 TBM 900 Elite Edition Pilot Door Equipped. 530 TTSNEW Airframe and Engine, New on Brokerage. Contact Ken Dono for full details.

    Avionics / Equipment

    2 GMA 1347C Dual digital audio controller with integrated marker beacon 
    receiver, intercom and public address capability on outer side for pilot and co-pilot
     2 GDU 1040A, 10'' PFD display with three axis flight dynamics, air speed,
    altitude, vertical speed, HSI w/ perspective modes,   turn, bank side slip, 
    NAV/COM frequencies indication and AP annunciation
     1 GDU 1500 15'' multi-function display with engine (w/ optimum TRQ setting 
    display), pressurization, electrical, fuel, flaps and trims indication, Crew Alerting 
    System (CAS), checklist, aircraft synoptics and super large navigation mapping system. 
    2 GIA 63W Nav/Com/ILS/WAAS GPS
    2 GEA 71 Engine and airframe interface unit
    2 GRS 77 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
    2 GMU 44 triaxial magnetometer
    2 GDC 74B digital air-data computers w/ dual probe system
    1 GTX33 Mode S transponder, ADS-B Out Compliant
    1 GCU 475 remote FMS control panel conveniently located on the central console
    1 GMC 710 autopilot mode controller located in upper central panel
    4 GSA 81 torque flight servos (yaw, pitch, pitch trim and roll)
    1 GTA 82 adapter for yaw auto trim device
    Digital Backup instrumentation altitude, airspeed and altimeter indicator 
    Airframe de-icing control panel
    Inertial separator control
    Parking brake control
    Landing gear control panel
    Electric generation controls and monitoring on overhead panel
    Advisory panel displayed on GDU 1500 master caution warning & alerts
      warning and aural warning
    Cabin temperature control (dual zone, with override capability)
    Heated stall warning system
    Digital chronometer displayed on GDU 1040s
    Flight time hourmeter
    Instrument panel lighting, CB dedicated switch lightning
    Angle of Attack Indication
    ADS-B Out Compliant 
    2 Bose Headsets


    Metal structure and skin paneling	
     Carbon fiber engine cowling and winglets	
     Anti-corrosion protection treatment	
     Retractable gear with electrohydraulic actuation	
    Hydraulic disc brakes	
    Pressurized 6 seats cabin (6.2 psi) and baggage compartment	
    Sound proofing and thermal insulation	
    Pilot Access Door	
    Large access door with retractable stairway  	
    Emergency exit	
    Front storage compartment (not pressurized)	
      with lockable access door	
    Easy maintenance access doors	
    Wing Tie-down attachments	
    Jacking points	
     Gaseous oxygen system for 6 seats and quick downing masks for pilot & copilot	
     Capability for CDPL VHF antenna	
     Custom paint scheme

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    PT6 A66D Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprop engine  
      developing 1825 SHP thermodynamic, flat rated at 850 SHP
      propeller with overspeed limiter, full feathering and reverse
    Oil cooler
    Anti-icing air inlet with inertial separator without operational limitation
    Dual polished exhaust system aerodynamically optimized
    Service access doors in cowlings
    Dual engine Chip detector displayed on GDU 1500
    Full composite electrically de-iced five bladed HARTZELL constant speed 
     Polished aluminum spinner cone

    Interior / Exterior

    Elite Seating Edition.  Desert Dust leather seats and seat fairings. Lower sidewalls in Desert Dust leather.  Upper sidewalls in Moorea Sand leather.  Neflia carpet and brushed stainless trim.  All seats wired for headsets.  Armrests all seats.
    2014 TBM 900 Paint Scheme. Socata White over Monaco Blue, Gloss Blue Alum and Albeille Black