2016 SOCATA TBM 930

  • For Sale
  • 2016
  • SOCATA TBM 930
  • N24MY
  • 1143
  • Muncie, IN USA

3599000 $3,599,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 2016
  • SOCATA TBM 930
  • N24MY
  • 1143
  • Muncie, IN USA

Muncie Aviation Company

5201 N Walnut Street

Muncie, IN 47303 USA

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General Specs (cont.)




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Detailed Description

2016 Socata TBM 930. This outstanding aircraft comes with the fully integrated Garmin G3000 digital avionics suite – the first-ever touchscreen-controlled, all-glass flight deck designed for light turbine aircraft. The sky is calling! If you are interested or have any questions call a member of our Sales team today! - 800.289.7141 / sales@muncieaviation.com.

Avionics / Equipment

G3000 Glass Cockpit w/ Synthetic Vision
GFC 710 Auto-Pilot
(2) 12” Primary Flight Display (PFD)
(1) 12” Multi-Function Display (MFD)
Enhanced Stability Protection (ESP)
Angle of Attack Sensors (Displayed on PFD)
GWX 70 Digital 4-Color Weather Radar - 10” Antenna
RVSM data package (RVSM Flight Test not included)
GDL 69 A Datalink XM/WX Weather Info & XM Audio
(2) GTX 33 Mode S Transponder
GRA 55 Radar Altimeter Displayed on PFDs
TAWS-B, Class B TAWS Worldwide Database
GTS 820 Traffic Advisory System (TAS)
DME Displayed on GDU 1040s
(1) GMA 36 Audio Panel
(2) GEA 71 Engine & Airframe Interface Unit
(2) GRS 77 Attitude and Heading Reference System
WX-500 Stormscope Displayed on G1000 Displays
GSR56 Datalink w/ Satphone
Chart View Option for GDUs

Pilot Access Door
Dual Zone Environment Control
Dome Lighting
Aft Baggage Lighting
14 / 24V Power Outlets
(2) Bose Headsets


1450 TT

Interior / Exterior

Premium Leather Seats & Side Panels
River Stone Seats w/ Polynesian Pearl Stitching
Flat Black Metal Finishings
Carbon Fiber Accent Trim

Base: Grey Metal
Trim: Payolle Blue
Bottom Base: Abeille Black


Annual Due November 2022
Replacement Engine on 10/27/2021 (882.3 TT)


Length: 35.2 ft
Wingspan: 42.1 ft
Height: 14.29 ft
Wheel Base: 9.56 ft

Usable Fuel Capacity
291.6 gallons

Maximum Approved Altitude
31,000 ft

Maximum Cruise Speed at FL280
330 ktas

Maximum Cruise at Long-Range Settings
252 ktas

Maximum Range (ISA, No wind, IFR, MTOW)
1,730 nm

Your aviation team.
Muncie Aviation Company has been serving the aviation community since 1932. As the world’s oldest Piper dealer, you can rest assured that we know these aircraft from
top to bottom. We’re committed to providing you with the best experience possible - from line service, to sales, technical support, parts, avionics and customer support.
We look forward to speaking with you, and helping you take the next step in your aviation journey.