SOCATA Turboprop Aircraft For Sale

Socata TurboProp Aircraft

Socata Aircraft are Fast, Efficient, and Luxurious.
In the world of single-engine turboprop aircraft, there exists a class leader. While this category of aircraft covers a wide variety of manufacturers, Socata stands out among the rest for a single reason - the Socata TBM 850 is quite simply the fastest single-engine turboprop airplane in the world. With a cruising speed of more than 320 knots and a 1500-mile range, this airplane rivals small jets in terms of overall capability. The Socata was born of a joint venture between Mooney aircraft and French company Socata. The resulting aircraft combined durability with ultra-high performance. With the ability to cruise at incredible speeds, considering the turboprop format, the Socata also allows for lower maintenance costs versus competitive models due to the engine type. Turboprop aircraft simply have lower operating costs than turbofan designs, which may allow an owner to afford more airplane for less money.