• For Sale
  • 1989
  • N6Y
  • 001
  • Taos, NM USA

330000 $330,000 USD

William Acheff

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    • For Sale
    • 1989
    • N6Y
    • 001
    • Taos, NM USA

    William Acheff

    William Acheff

    General Specs (cont.)


    1566 HOURS

    70 HOURS

    900 lb






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    Possibly the fastest RR250-B17D turboprop-powered, all-metal aircraft in the world at 280 KTAS w/the TOT at the top of the green. Large flight envelope, stalls at 68 kts w/full fuel. It flew to Europe twice. 1989 (demoed at the Paris Air Show) & 1991 (Europe, S. Africa, Japan, etc.)

    Avionics / Equipment

    INSTALLING Garmin GNC355 GPS. Can't wait 3 months for the 750xi. 
    Removed old King equipped. (see photo) Currently using AERA696, KX155A,  GDL50R ADS-B IN, KT 73 transponder w/TAIL BEACON ADSB-OUT, STEC, Shadin fuel flow. Traffic and weather are on the 696.


    All metal airframe built-in 1989. 1 of 1. Swearingen's 32nd design. Designed and built for the RR/Allison 250 B17D engine to compete in a Government program seeking an affordable military trainer. The government program was eventually canceled. Similar to the SX-300 but with thicker skins, larger main tires, and higher V speeds. VNO 348 KIAS.
    Nose wheel steering, Emergency nitrogen gear sys., Landing gear trunnions. Large Matco brakes, New bubble for the canopy. Custom wingtips, Lithium-ion Battery (26 lbs lighter and infinitely more powerful)

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Complete engine logs. Recent repair and newer prop-gear box replacement, (F model). Each of the wheels has different times but somewhere about 250-300 hours from hot-section on the oldest wheel.
    Tie-bolt, containment ring. All AD's complied with. 
    Turbine ASS TT 7687, TSO 2844
    Compressor TT 1566, TSO 69
    Gear Box TT 1566, TSO 69
    Reduction Gear TT 1688, TSO 69

    Interior / Exterior

    Excellent paint and interior. 2006
    Painted the belly a metallic gray 2019 to update the design. The all-white base was getting boring.


    I have owned 6Y for 18 years and perfected its flying characteristics. 
    New style wingtips improve the slow flight characteristic- the stall is 5 kts lower at 68 kts with full fuel. Slow flight is stable and the landing touch-downs are softer. With 0 fuel in the wings and 20 gals in the header tank, It stalled at 61-62 kts in the landing configuration. It lands easier than my Mooney Rocket. Just 10 kts faster on approach. 
    It doesn't seem to want to stall w/ gear up and full flaps. I tried several times. 
    89 gals total. 34 ea. wing,  21 gals in the header tank. 
    Fuel burn:
    24.4 GPH @ 10.500'
    23.4 GPH @ 12,500'
    22.3 GPH @ 14,500'
    22.9 GPH @ 15,500'
    21.4 GPH @ 16,500'
    20.6 GPH @ 17,500'
    Trades considered for something with a large cargo door.