• For Sale
  • 1989
  • N6Y
  • 001
  • Taos, NM USA

395000 $395,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1989
  • N6Y
  • 001
  • Taos, NM USA

William Acheff

William Acheff

General Specs (cont.)


1500 HOURS







Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Possibly the fastest RR250-B17D turboprop-powered, all-metal aircraft in the world at 280 KTAS w/the TOT at the top of the green.

Avionics / Equipment

Older panel by today's standards. Mostly King equipped. (see photo) KT 73, KX155A, KY196Y, KLN94, AERA696, GDL50R ADS-B IN, uAVIONIX TAIL BEACON ADSB-OUT, STEC, Shadin fuel flow. The blank hole in the panel, far right is for fuel flow meter waiting to be installed. 
BOTH GPS's are coupled but the traffic and weather are on the 696. 
A Garmin 355 could easily replace the King 94 GPS, (and one radio) or a Garmin 750xi would also fit in the center stack


All metal airframe built-in 1989. 1 of 1. Swearingen's 32nd design. Designed and built for the RR/Allison 250 B17D engine to compete in a Government program seeking an affordable military trainer. The government program was eventually canceled. Similar to the SX-300 but with thicker skins, larger main gear, and higher speeds. VNO 348 KIAS

Engines / Mods / Prop

Complete engine logs. Recent repair and newer prop-gear box replacement, (F model). Each of the wheels has different times but somewhere about 250-300 hours from hot-section on the oldest wheel.
All work performed by H.E.R.O.S. Tie-bolt, containment ring. All AD's complied with. 
You would have to read the engine logs to get specific information.
The engine is the best ever since the last work than any other time in my 18 years of flying this aircraft. 
Cycles: 2388

Interior / Exterior

Excellent paint and interior. 2006
Painted the belly a metallic gray 2019 to update the design. The all-white base was getting boring.


I designed the wingtips a few years ago in an attempt to improve the slow flight characteristics. I succeeded in all areas. The stall is 5 kts lower at 68 kts with full fuel. Slow flight is more stable and the landing touch-downs are softer. With 0 fuel in the wings and 20 gals in the header tank, I stalled at 61-62 kts in the landing configuration.
89 gals total. 34 ea. wing,  21 gals in the header tank. 
Fuel burn:
24.4 GPH @ 10.500'
23.4 GPH @ 12,500'
22.3 GPH @ 14,500'
22.9 GPH @ 15,500'
21.4 GPH @ 16,500'
20.6 GPH @ 17,500'

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